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2 volume Checkmate map

mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,529
edited April 2012 in Comic Book Binding
Volume 1
Checkmate 1-13
Outsiders 47
Checkmate 14
Outsiders 48
Checkmate 15
Outsiders 49
Checkmate 16-22

Volume 2
Checkmate 23-31
Faces of Evil: Kobra
JSA vs Kobra 1-6
The Great Ten 1-9


  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,529
    edited April 2012
    Additional information:
    The second volume of this map is comprised of mostly non-Checkmate stories (as all of you would have noticed).
    First the Kobra addition: The Checkmate series main "villian" was Kobra; it also featured Mr. Terrific as main character (also a lead character in JSA). JSA vs. Kobra acts as an end the Korba storyline that was setup in Checkmate. You could move that part of the story right before the final arc of Checkmate (Chimera), but after much discussion on the old forums I decided it would be better to finish the series and end cap the second volume with the Kobra series. It was also brought to my attention that to get the full Kobra story I should add Final Crisis Requiem (I think that was the one), but I included it in my final crisis maps.
    Second the Great Ten addition: This inclusion was 2 fold. First I needed a few more issues to fill out my bind. Secondly the Great Ten were featured in Checkmate heavily. When reading this series it fits prefectly with Checkmate. Both series have a similiar tone and feature the same characters. Plus it's awesome and should be put somewhere.
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