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The latest Humble Bundle is music related:
Rock on! A book bundle for your eyes AND ears, this one hits all the right notes! Name your price for This Is A Souvenir: The Songs Of Spearmint & Shirley Lee, The Wicked + The Divine Vol 1 , The Mussorgsky Riddle, Black Metal Vol. 1, Clockwork Angels, Clockwork Lives: The Bookseller's Tale, and Pete Seeger: The Storm King. If you pay more than the average price, you'll also get Emily the Strange: The Rock Issue, Mixtape Vol. 1 - 5, Painted Black, Rock On: The Greatest Hits of Science Fiction & Fantasy, ed by Paula Guran, Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1-3, Rubber Soul, Taking Punk To the Masses: From Nowhere to Nevermind, Phonogram Vol 1, Comic Book Tattoo Tales Inspired by Tori Amos, and Nowhere Men Vol. 1. If you pay $15 or more, you'll receive all of the above plus The Fifth Beatle, Kids Go! (Book & Song) by They Might Be Giants, Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1, and Neil Peart: Cultural Repercussions.
Pay what you want. The contents of this bundle would cost you up to $364 if purchased separately, but here at Humble Bundle, you pay what you want.

Read/Listen Anywhere
. These books and comics are available in multiple formats including CBZ, PDF, MOBI, and ePub, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices! Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here for comics and here for books. The audiobook and audio tracks are available in MP3. Some are also available in FLAC. Instructions for audiobooks can be found here.

Support charity. Choose where the money goes -- between the publishers and the charitable cause, Musicians On Call, via the PayPal Giving Fund.
Pay $9, $15, or $25 or more, your choice!


  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    edited August 2015
    Dynamite and Groupees is getting together a third time to offer up a charity bundle of digital comics. This time the bundle contains 70 digital comics from the theme of Swords, Sandals and Sorcery. Plus, there will be a ‘Premium Mystery Box’ for those that pledge $50 or higher. Portion of the proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


    I ordered the $10, which actually contains at least 15 complete arcs, from Red Sonja, Jungle Girl, Warlord of Mars, Dresden Files, Swords of Sorrow, Thunda, Blackbeard, and several others (all of the ones listed below).

    Check out the deal here:

    Their "Pay What You Want" model works simply, you start at $1.00 and you get a few comics, the more you pay the more books you get with their being $5 and $10 tiers up to the $50 tier that includes the mystery box. Also, the top 10 contributors will receive an extra reward (all dollar values are at Dynamite’s MSRP).

    There are additional books that will be unlocked as the promotion goes based on sales. This offer ends in two weeks.

    The $1.00 Minimum Tier contains a total of 13 comics:

    Game Of Thrones #1
    Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Prelude One Shot
    Thulsa Doom #1 – 4
    Blackbeard #1 – 6
    Lord of the Jungle Annual #1

    The $5.00 Minimum Tier features 27 additional comics:

    Game Of Thrones #2
    Thunda #1 – 5
    Warlord Of Mars #0
    Swords Of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood #1 – 2
    Swords Of Sorrow: Masquerade/Kato One Shot
    Swords Of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris/Irene Adler #1 – 2
    Swords Of Sorrow: Lady Zorro/Black Sparrow One Shot
    Athena #1 – 4
    Red Sonja #0
    Kirby: Genesis – Dragons Bane #1 – 4
    Jungle Girl: Season Two #1 – 5

    $10.00 Tier features an additional 29 comics:

    Dejah Thoris #1 – 5
    John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #1 – 6
    Red Sonja #36 – 40
    Pathfinder City of Secrets #1 – 6
    Swords of Sorrow #1 – 3
    Dresden Files: Storm Front Volume Two #1 – 4


  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    edited August 2015
    Dynamite Entertainment is once again teaming up with StoryBundle, this time allowing readers to purchase over 1,500 pages worth of Pulp-inspired stories with the “Pay What You Want” purchasing price beginning at $5.00 during its Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! Promotion. The Mystery! Masks! Dynamite Pulps! Bundle brings such iconic characters like The Shadow, The Green Hornet, Zorro and more in a package we're sure you'll love. It's a fantastic way to add to your digital comics collection as well as an easy way to get started with crime noir comics. Where else can you get over 1,500 pages of comics for a price you name? And as always, you can support two worthy causes when you purchase the bundle: Girls Write Now and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


    The bundle is available on the website

    The first tier includes the following graphic novels, and comprises over 720 pages of storytelling:

    The Avenger Special 2014: The Television Killers
    Codename Action
    Noir tradepaperback Featuring Miss Fury, Black Sparrow & special guest The Shadow
    Zorro Vol 2: Clashing Blades
    The Spider Vol 1: Terror Of The Zombie Queen

    The second tier starting at the $15.00 threshold, includes the following omnibus editions, increasing the total page count to over 1,500:

    The Shadow Vol 1: The Fires Of Creation
    Doc Savage Omnibus
    Lady Zorro
    Black Terror Vol 1

  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    It's been a while, but if you like drm-free digital comics, the latest Humble Bundle is from BOOM! and features full trades of Hacktivist, Bravest Warriors, Hellraiser, Robocop, Lumberjanes, Bill & Ted, Sons of Anarchy, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 1-24, and much more.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967

    One dollar gets you digital downloads of:

    Ghostbusters (Series 1) #1-7
    Ghostbusters (Series 2) #1-8
    Ghostbusters International #1-4

    For $11.77 you get 26 more Ghostbusters comics and for the suggested $15 or more, you get an additional 13 comics for a grand total of 58 comics,

    It only lasts a week:

    h/t @David_D
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    Humblebundle has a Sonic 25th anniversary comics bundle and a Star Trek comics bundle
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    As part of their 30th Anniversary celebration, Dark Horse is offering a Humble Bundle with over $600 worth of digital comics at a pay-what-you-want price to help raise money for the Hero Initiative.

    Adventures into the Unknown Archives Volume 1
    Aliens vs. Predator: Thrill of the Hunt
    Captain Midnight Volume 1: On the Run
    Conan Volume 1: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter and Other Stories
    Cravan: Mystery Man of the Twentieth Century
    Crime Does Not Pay Archives Volume 1
    Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus Volume 1
    Ghost Omnibus Volume 1
    X Omnibus Volume 1
    Project Black Sky: Secret Files
    SpyBoy Volume 1: The Deadly Gourmet Affair

    Those who pay more than the average price will also unlock:

    The Secret
    Two Past Midnight
    Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai
    The Chronicles of Conan
    Volume 1: Tower of the Elephant and Other Stories
    Skyman Volume 1: The Right Stuff
    Mass Effect Volume 1: Redemption
    Dark Matter Volume 1: Rebirth
    Itty Bitty Mask
    SpyBoy Volumes 2–3
    Father’s Day

    Pay $15 or more to receive all of the above, plus:

    Ghost Volume 1: In the Smoke and Din
    Ghost/Hellboy Special
    Deep Gravity
    Volume 1
    Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad
    Volume 1: The Manager
    Plants vs. Zombies: Timepocalypse
    Predator: Prey to the Heavens

    The Massive Volume 1: Black Pacific
    The Goon Volume 6: Chinatown
    King Tiger
  • SolitaireRoseSolitaireRose Posts: 1,445
    I had no idea the Crime Does Not Pay volumes were available digitally. I still want to books, as I like the Atomic Age Reprints, but still.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Groupee Deal from Dynamite with some serious bonuses!

    It just started and it offers over 85 digital comics featuring Red Sonja, Vampirella, Green Hornet, Bob’s Burgers, SMOSH, and Sherlock Holmes.

    It is again using the Pay-What-You-Want structure and the first tier is unlocked with only a $1.00 contribution, while a $5.00 minimum investment offers fans an additional batch of graphic novels, and even more available at $15.00. Additional special deals are available to fans who commit to larger dollar values, including some physical comics, original character sketches by artist Ken Haeser, and even Vampirella statues!

    The $1.00 Tier includes 25 comics at an approximately $45.00 value:

    Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland Graphic Novel #1-10
    The Boys #7-14
    Control #1
    Dejah Thoris (2016) #1
    Pathfinder Special 2013
    Pathfinder: Origins #1
    Red Sonja (2016) #1
    Swords of Sorrow #1
    Vampirella (2016) #1

    The $5.00 Tier features an additional 24 issues, at an additional value of $45.00:

    A Train Called Love #1-3
    Bob’s Burgers #4-5
    Brickleberry: Armoogeddon #1
    John Carter Warlord of Mars 2015 Special
    The Mocking Dead #1-5
    Red Sonja Goes East
    Seduction of the Innocent #1-4
    SMOSH #1
    Swords of Sorrow #2-6
    Vampirella vs. Dracula #1

    The $15.00 Tier features 39 additional comics, at an approximate value of $75.00:

    Dead Irons #1-4
    Hack/Slash/Eva: Monster’s Ball #1-4
    Kirby: Genesis #0-8
    Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #1-6
    Red Sonja: One More Day
    Shaft: A Complicated Man #1-6
    Sherlock Holmes: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes #1-5
    The Twilight Zone: Shadow & Substance #1-4

    The special deals Include:

    Dynamite Physical High-End Ultra-Limited Comics (Note: shipping and handling is extra and to be paid by buyers of these tiers.):

    First, fans who contribute a minimum of $25 will receive a box of five (5) physical random hardcovers and/or trade paperbacks amounting to an MSRP of $75 or more, in addition to the digital bundle.

    Also, fans who contribute a minimum of $50 will receive two (2) Dynamite Premium Comics Valued at $100.00 or more, in addition to the previous threshold items, comprising five (5) random collections and the digital bundle. The total value of this reward level is estimated at $190.00 or more.

    Original Artwork for 25 Lucky Fans: The first 25 fans to contribute a minimum of $75 can pick a Dynamite character of their choosing (from a selection of over a dozen characters) hand-drawn by Ken Haeser, in addition to the items attained in the previous thresholds. The total value of this reward level is estimated at $265.00 or more.

    Vampirella Statue Collectible to Five (5) Super Fans: The first five (5) fans to contribute a minimum of $189 will receive a special Women of Dynamite: Vampirella Artist Proof Edition collectible statue (with a regular MSRP of $300), plus all prizes from lower-priced tiers. The total value of this reward level is estimated at $565.00 or more.

    And as always with Dynamite, a percentage of proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, to help continue their efforts of protecting first amendment rights in the comic book industry.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    The Sierra Games bundle at Humblebundle is pretty sweet too
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    mwhitt80 said:

    The Sierra Games bundle at Humblebundle is pretty sweet too

    I'm sore tempted to scoop that up just to play King's Quest and Quest for Glory again...
  • This should do well. I expect @SolitaireRose is going to jump on this.
    I am not a huge fan of the modern MAD, but the digital collations of older stuff are well worth the price. And Sergio's work is all over those books.

  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Time is running out on this latest Humble Bundle : a bundle of comics from the new Revolution event series, including Transformers, G.I. Joe, Rom, Action Man, and M.A.S.K.


    Pay $1 or more for Transformers: Robots in Disguise Vol 1-6, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Vol 1-4, Transformers: Devastation #1-4, G.I. Joe: The Cobra Files Vol 1-2, Transformers: Infiltration, and Transformers: Distant Stars.

    Pay $8 or more and you’ll also get Transformers Vol 7-9, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Vol 5-9, Transformers: Devastation #5-6, Transformers: Windblade, Transformers: Combiner Wars, G.I. Joe: Cobra - The Last Laugh, G.I. Joe: Deep Terror, Action Man #1-4, Transformers vs. G.I. Joe Vol. 1-3, and Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1-6.

    Pay $15 or more for all of that plus Revolution #1-2, Revolution: The Road to Revolution 100-Page Special #1, M.A.S.K.: Revolution #1, Micronauts: Revolution #1, Rom: Revolution #1, Rom #1-2, G.I Joe: Cobra Civil War - G.I Joe Vol. 1-2, G.I Joe: Cobra Civil War - Snake Eyes Vol. 1-2, G.I Joe: Cobra Civil War - Cobra Vol. 1, and G.I. Joe Cobra Command Vol. 1-2.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    edited January 2017
    I can't find the digital sales thread,but kodansha is having a line wide 50℅ off sale at comixology codeword MANGA
    I am excited about the kodansha sale because they just added Ghost in the shell mangas and I can finally afford to try Vinland Saga.

    But before you buy Knights of Sedonia or the first vol. of Blame check out humblebundle because it has a sci-fi manga bundle for 2 more days.

    Also on sale are IDWs Godzilla volumes for $3.99 a book at comixology.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967

    The Humble Comics Bundle: IMAGE at 25 Happy 25th Anniversary, Image Comics!

    Pay $1 or more for digital copies of:
    She Wolf #1, Plutona #1, Rockstars #1, Sons of the Devil #1, Surgeon X #1, The Beauty #1, Island #1, The Discipline #1, Horizon #1, and Cannibal #1.

    Pay $5 or more receive all of that plus digital copies of:
    Black Road #1, The Fix #1, Demonic #1, The Black Monday Murders #1, Shutter #1, Kill Or Be Killed #1, Moonshine #1, Southern Cross #1, Romulus #1, and Throwaways #1.

    Pay $10 or more and you’ll also get the following digital trades:
    Bitch Planet Vol. 1, Casanova Vol. 1, Mirror Vol. 1, Lazarus Vol. 1, Limbo Vol. 1, Morning Glories Vol. 1, Nailbiter Vol. 1, Nowhere Men Vol. 1, Prophet Vol. 1, Rat Queens Vol. 1, Revival Vol. 1, Southern Bastards Vol. 1, Spawn Origins Collection Vol. 1, and Strange Talent of Luther Strode Vol. 1.

    Pay $15 or more for all of that plus digital trades of:
    Birthright Vol. 1, Chew Vol. 1, Descender Vol. 1, Drifter Vol. 1, East of West Vol. 1, Injection Vol. 1, Pretty Deadly Vol. 1, Roche Limit Vol. 1, Rumble Vol. 1, Sex Criminals Vol. 1, Shutter Vol. 1, Spread Vol. 1, and The Fade Out Vol. 1.

    Pay $20 or more for all of the above plus digital trades of:
    The Fix Vol. 1, Kaptara Vol. 1, Descender Vol. 2, East of West Vol. 2, ODY-C Vol. 1, Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta Vol. 1, Saga Book One, The Wicked + The Divine Book One, and I Hate Fairyland Vol. 1.

    More details here:
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Helpful reminder: 24 hours left in this Image bundle above.
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    Talking Humble Bundle... Valiant kicked off its second bundle today. Don't hesitate, just buy. Valiant is on the top of their game right now. Some great creators in here too... Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Paolo Rivera to name a few. For the cost of a few comics you're getting a dozen great trades and helping out a great cause. Why wouldn't you buy it!?!?!
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    @Torchsong I see there's a new Manga based humble bundle on offer, for a book called Fairy Tail. You read this? Worth getting?
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    @luke52 for $15.00 it's worth checking out.

    I've read volume one, but it was so long ago that I can't remember anything about it. I didn't hate it, so I would say it is a solid buy at that price point.
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,392
    mwhitt80 said:

    @luke52 for $15.00 it's worth checking out.

    I've read volume one, but it was so long ago that I can't remember anything about it. I didn't hate it, so I would say it is a solid buy at that price point.

    $15 for 45 vols!!! Think I'll give it a whirl.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    luke52 said:

    mwhitt80 said:

    @luke52 for $15.00 it's worth checking out.

    I've read volume one, but it was so long ago that I can't remember anything about it. I didn't hate it, so I would say it is a solid buy at that price point.

    $15 for 45 vols!!! Think I'll give it a whirl.
    I went in at $15.00. ive bought worse and less for more.
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    It's good. I interviewed creator Hiro Mashima at one SDCC many moons ago and he was a lot of fun to talk to. That's a honey of a deal...
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    Torchsong said:

    It's good. I interviewed creator Hiro Mashima at one SDCC many moons ago and he was a lot of fun to talk to. That's a honey of a deal...

    You're going for the $17.00 bundle. Don't lie
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,794
    2 bucks is 2 bucks, man... :)
  • fredzillafredzilla Posts: 2,131
    Celebrate Kirby and Eisner's 100th birthdays with a bunch of Kirby and Eisner created and inspired by books. Proceeds go to the CBLDF and The Hero Initiative.

    Here are the tiers:
    Pay $1+

    Jack Kirby Collector - Issue #16
    Jack Kirby Collector - Issue #62
    Young Romance: The Best of Simon & Kirby's Romance Comics - 3 Issues
    Will Eisner's The Spirit: Corpse Makers - Issues #1-3
    Alter Ego Issue #48
    Jack Kirby Checklist Gold Edition
    Kirby Unleashed
    Jack Kirby Collector - Issue #63
    A Celebration of Will

    Pay $8+

    Young Romance Vol. 2: The Early Simon & Kirby Romance Comics
    Last Day in Vietnam: A Memory
    Comic Book Artist Vol. 2 Issue #6
    Lee & Kirby: The Wonder Years
    Silver Star: Graphite Edition - 6 Issues
    Captain Victory & The Galactic Rangers - Issues #1-6
    Supermen! The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes 1936-1941

    Pay $15+

    Will Eisner: A Spirited Life Deluxe Edition
    Fagin The Jew 10th Anniversary Edition - 12 Issues
    Will Eisner's The Spirit - Issues #1-12
    Kirby Genesis #0-8
    Silver Star
    Kirby Five-Oh!
    The Secret History of Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby and the Moonlighting Artists at Martin Goodman's Empire - 6 Issues
    Kirby: Genesis - Silver Star - Issues #1-6
    Kirby: Genesis - Dragonsbane - Issues #1-4
    Kirby: Genesis - Captain Victory - Issues #1-6
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,552
    Not a comic bundle, but it is probably of interest to some.
    Humblebundle has a Doctor Who rpg bundle.
  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Wow. Another great Groupee deal from Dynamite.
  • BryanBryan Posts: 193
    Humble bundle has an 80s offer right now, including a bunch of classic GI Joe books that the guys are always raving about, if (like me) you’ve never read them.
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