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A Comic Cover A Day (is awesome)

So, this isn't exactly brain surgery, but it's fun if you love looking at comic covers. I've gotten so much enjoyment out of this, I'm just throwing it out there, so maybe others can enjoy it, too.

For the last year or so, I've had my computer set up so that every day it displays a random cover from 1972 as my desktop wallpaper. (1972 was one of my core "comic-reading-as-a-little-kid" years). You could also do this with, say, all the covers by a certain artist, or all the covers of a certain title, etc. -- whatever floats your boat.

I used a free wallpaper program called "Wallpaper Master" (which can randomly display a cover from a folder with no repeats), an advanced search on, and an hour or so to save all those covers into a folder. I've just started to hit repeats, so I'm off in search of "1973" soon.

Being greeted by a new (old) cover every day was WAY more fun then I expected, especially discovering covers that I either never saw as a kid or didn't remember. Here's three that I didn't remember at all...


KULL cover by John Severin
MARVEL TRIPLE ACTION (reprint inside, but original cover) by JIM STARLIN
MARVEL'S GREATEST COMICS (reprint inside, but original cover) by SAL BUSCEMA (per GCD, though I could also buy JOHN BUSCEMA)




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