Episode 1629 Talkback - Comic Talk

Ian Levenstein of the Comic Timing podcast sticks with us for a second session this week, this time just to shoot the breeze in one of our any-old-topic-you-like Comic Talk discussions. Included: scary tales of Halloween Comic-Fest 2016 at Wildpig Comics; a critical look at mass-media celebrity signings at comic conventions; spoiler-free early thoughts on the Dr. Strange movie and the Cage Netflix series; and a salute to the late Steve Dillon. Plus TV talk, reading recommendations, and general merriment. Remember, you can't spell 'levity' without several of the letters found in 'Levenstein'! (1:26:09)

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  • bralinatorbralinator Posts: 5,967
    Nice. Thanks guys.
  • Two episodes in one week! It's almost like the good old days.
  • Re: celebrity signings, I have the strong feeling that this is a bubble micro-economy that’s just waiting to burst. There has to be a limited number of people willing to pay the money to attend these shows and then pay for autographs on top of that. The question is what is that number, how many autographs will these people go after before they reach their limit, and can the number of desirable celebrity signers turn over fast enough to keep the signature seekers interested and draw in enough new signature seekers to keep the cycle going?

    Okay, that was several questions.
  • @Adam_Murdough and @wildpigcomics, re: detective stories set in the Roman Empire, there are quite a few novels. I haven't read any of them yet, but I hear a lot of good things about the Falco the Informer books by Lindsey Davis. Also the Libertus Mystery series by Rosemary Rowe, which are kind of like the Hercule Poirot books if Poirot was a Celt mosaic builder who solved mysteries in Roman Britain in 186 AD.
  • Mr_CosmicMr_Cosmic Posts: 3,200
    Glad you guys enjoyed Luke Cage but I found it hard to get through at times. Daredevil(s1&s2) remains the only Marvel Netflix show I actually enjoyed watching.

    Slott on FF would be..well, fantastic!
  • Cage was great up until that "pivot" that Ian spoke about. It never recovered after that. The final episode was so campy, the battle so poorly choreographed, I could hardly get through it. Extremely disappointing ending to an otherwise solid first season.

    As for the CW's DC shows (seriously, shouldn't they just change the network name to "DC" at this point?), the only one I'm still watching is "The Flash", and even that one is losing steam fast (no pun intended). There's a "CW sameness" to all of them, which I suppose is inevitable considering the sheer number of them they're cranking out up there in Vancouver. I've about had my fill with the increasingly crowded ranks of super-speedsters and yearn for some different villainous threats that AREN'T Barry's or Wells' fault. Hoping things get turned around soon.

    Sorry to hear the Halloween promo was a bust, though Chris' retailer's perspective is always very interesting to listen to. It would be interesting to wrangle up a few more comics retailers and have kind of a "round table" on the state of the industry and possible future scenarios (or lack thereof) for comics retailing.

  • This episode doesn't show up in the app.
  • This episode doesn't show up in the app.

    Which app, @luckymustard? It's there for me both on Android and the CGS App.
  • Was great to get a new Comic Talk, don't get me wrong, it feels like it's been forever since I heard a CT or OTR episode. It's just kind of tough for me.. I miss the CGS gang so much these days, that having an unknown guest speaker on instead (of Shane, Pants, Dani, Bryan, Peter)... well, to be honest, it just irritates me. I loved hearing Murd and Chris, I know them and I trust their opinions. But whenever a guest speaks on and on about something, especially something I don't particularly care about, it makes me want to switch it off. I hope the regular gang comes back to CGS soon.
  • I don't mind new voices, especially when it's someone as sharp as Ian Levenstein. I've never listened to his podcast before, but I definitely plan to soon.

    I've only been listening since July, and my impression was that founders Bryan and Peter were essentially gone from show, making rare, random appearances every now and then.

    I like that CGS tries different things once in awhile. Not everyone is going to like everything. I'm not a fan of stuff like Uncle Sal shows, but I'm sure there are other folks who can't get enough of those.

    That said, I'm really hoping we can get a Spotlight episode soon! Those are my favorites.
  • Distancing from the fact that I was the guest on this particular episode, one of the things that has always made CGS work for me is the variety of voices. The group is a large one, a growing one, and an ever-changing one. Because, simply put, everyone on the show is a comic geek!

    And with a podcast that has over 1600 episodes under its belt, there are bound to be a few that I either don't get into, or decide not to listen to because the conversation isn't for me, or the panel just isn't jiving. And that's totally okay! Because before you know it, there will be another episode out that will hopefully fit the bill.

    That's what keeps me going both as a podcast listener, and a podcaster: talking about what you love, giving heartfelt commentary on a subject, and escaping the riggers of the world for an hour or two. And I certainly had fun doing so hanging out with two of my favorite people, and hope that at least the bulk of you guys had fun listening to the fun. :)
  • This episode doesn't show up in the app.

    Which app, @luckymustard? It's there for me both on Android and the CGS App.
    It's there now. Thanks.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 3,508
    Food Wars! I can't believe I have not talked about it yet. It's a fun series.
  • alienalalienal Posts: 484
    Keep up the good work guys. I'm a bit behind on my listening and comments, but I'm trying to catch up. Finally saw Doctor Strange and loved it! Saw maybe the first 6 episodes of Luke Cage and liked it a lot. Well...on to the next episode!
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