Just wanted to share

Werner Fischli (John_Steed) is jumping for joy over what I'm going to share.

Some of you might remember that back 2013 my dad became very sick, was in the hospital for over a year and we all believed that we were going to lose him. Werner made sure that I kept my hopes up. Here was a guy I never met outside of the discussions we had here, he donated to my dad's fundraisers and was sending me messages regularly asking how my dad was doing and making sure that we were okay.

I know for a fact Werner would be going bat shite crazy, dancing and shouting because for the first time, in about 40 months, my dad was able to get out of his wheelchair and stand up. Not just once, but twice, no three..wait...four times throughout the day. Not only that, his therapist believes that with the progress he has made, my dad should be able to walk (with a walker) in a few months.

Just felt the need to share the news. Werner, you're sorely missed, thank you.


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