Episode 1647 Talkback - Off the Racks: Nova #1, Supergirl: Being Super #1, & WW '77/Bionic Woman #1

Something old (the retro vibe of Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman #1), something new (the youthful protagonists of Nova #1 and Supergirl: Being Super #1), something borrowed (Murd's copy of Scooby-Doo Team-Up #23), and something blue (Blue Rider, the Led Zeppelin wannabes seen in Rockstars #1): a perfect marriage of elements for a great Off the Racks episode! And join us afterwards at the reception for some TV talk on Iron Fist and Legion. (1:16:37)

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    Hmm. Making wedding plans, Adam?
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    @wildpigcomics fyi Chris, concerning the fight scenes in Iron Fist it was reported that Finn Jones had just three weeks to prepare for his fight scenes and a lot of the choreography was done same day as filming. It explains lot of the slowness and some of the lack of authenticity . Hopefully he'll get some more time for second season of Iron Fist or I'm hoping for Heroes for Hire.
  • Thanks for the honest reviews, guys. I long ago stopped buying ANYTHING done by Dynamite Comics, so despite the nostalgic pull of something like WW & The Bionic Woman, I knew it would be crap. The Nova and Supergirl stories sounded painful to read (despite Murd's thumbs up for Supergirl), so thanks for saving me the trouble!

    As for Iron-Fist, I'm finding it depressingly aimless and lethargic (only a few more episodes to watch). Once again, a series that should've been a tight 8 episodes is stretched out to flabby, listless 13 episodes. Marvel's Netflix unit really needs to button things up and snap out of auto pilot.
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    Joëlle Jones is a fantastic artist, and I second @Adam_Murdough’s recommendation of Lady Killer—a really fun book.
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    Was surprised you guys didn't like SUPERGIRL: BEING SUPER a lot more. (Admittedly, that title sucks the high hard one.) I think it's easily the best Supergirl story I have read since Peter David's run, and it's also - along with Max Landis' SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN - among the most realistic portrayals of a teenaged superhero I've seen from either of the Big Two publishers in quite some time. I finished #1 and rushed to grab #2, I was so enthralled. I don't know how they will explain this Kara's connection to Superman; maybe they won't - which is another interesting plate they've got spinning in the air. As Murd discussed, I also really appreciated how Kara's parents are portrayed in this title. Usually, Pa and Ma Danvers are written as a mere xerox copy of Jonathan and Martha Kent... but here, Tamaki and Jones make a great effort to present them as unique characters, which only adds to the layers of this new character origin. I'm in it for the long haul! - which will probably be six issues :joy: but if it keeps up this momentum, I'll hope for much more.

    As for WONDER WOMAN '77 MEETS THE BIONIC WOMAN... yeah, like you guys, I was somewhat underwhelmed. Hopefully it will improve in following issues. One thing I did like, however, was Mangels' refusal to fall into the stale trap of having his two legendary protagonists fight each other before only then forming a team/friendship. I am soooo done with that! So I was happy to see Diana and Jaime become fast friends here, instead. AND I also liked the sound effects for Jaime's bionic powers. Dee-nee-nee-nee-nee, indeed! AND I liked learning Jaime's origin: I never knew she was taken in by Steve's family after her parents were killed! So yeah. Maybe the writing needed a few more drafts and maybe the art was lousy, but hey, I found a few specs of gold in this issue :smile:
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    As for the main three off the racks, I avoided getting them because in concept or solicitation they did nothing for me (Wonder Woman/Bionic Woman?: I wasn't into the tv BW series at all - Meh..., Nova: Another Nova series?: Meh..., Yet another Supergirl series?: Meh...). So, I'm glad that your reviews confirmed my decision. As for Iron Fist: Like Chris, I assumed that Danny's "blandness" and "naivete" came from his living in K'un L'un all those years. As for the fight scenes, I was assuming that they were going for a style that the audience could see rather than the "hyperkinetic and in the shadows" style see in, for example, the Nolan Batman series. And like Chris, I really loved the Colleen Wing (actress and character), Claire Temple (actress and character), and the father/brother/sister characters.
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    Another fine Episode, Geeks! I find most new Marvel to be vomit inducing myself.
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