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Murd's Time Bubble: The Thirty-First Time Talkback

A monstrous Marvel legacy begins! The rough and raucous career of a DC antihero ends! And an unlikely venture straddling the heritages of both major publishers sees the light of day! This is what's rolling out of the Time Bubble's cargo hold this TIME... plus a bumper-crop of Quick Pops! (2:33:19)

Listen here.


  • It seems like, according to user-submitted reviews at CBDb, that the Green Lantern Just Imagine is on the lower end of the spectrum. The best ones being Aquaman, Crisis, JLA, Sandman, and Secret Files and Origins.
  • Murd,

    As always, thank you for the Time Bubble. I always enjoy hearing you wax rhapsodic (if I may appropriate a favorite phrase of @wildpigcomics) about current comics---time being relative, and all.

    Regarding the "Just Imagine Stan Lee..." series. I do remember being intrigued about the possibilities of this. The lineup of artists was enough to get me to buy a number of these books, including the Big 3, GL, and Sandman. They were . . . forgettable.

    I wish I could add more than that, but I don't remember a thing about them (except that it appeared Joe Kubert had done the finishing on Buscema's art in the Superman one), and having since come to the conclusion that I cannot stand Stan Lee's writing, I cannot, in good conscience, re-read any of these.
    That said, I did appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the art created by the likes of Gibbons, Simonson, Kubert, et al., not unlike the recent "Man of Steel" series written by Bendis--the chance to have a series delineated by the likes of Reis, Maguire, Hughes was too great to pass up. These would be a couple of the rare times when the art will trump the writing for me.

    I also wanted to say that I think you were spot on with the "Mister E" comic discussed toward the end of the episode. I picked it up for the exact reason you mentioned, that it was a companion piece to Neil Gaiman's "Books of Magic" series, and I wanted to read more about any of the characters utilized in that book. The writing may have not lived up to Gaiman's, but this series made me a fan of John K Snyder's artwork. Sure, it's dark, but I don't mind that so much.

    So, there are some random thoughts. I really enjoyed this episode (which is something I could say about all the Time Bubbles), and it helped me get through a day of heavy lifting here at the library (my use of "heavy lifting" is literal, in this case, rather than sarcastic), so, for that, I am doubly grateful. Be well, and I will be on the lookout . . . for the next time.

  • BryanBryan Posts: 104
    Haven’t finished the episode yet, but I was beyond excited to hear your review of Hitman 60! My favorite comic series of all time.
  • Thor_ElThor_El Posts: 135
    edited October 2018
    Fantastic episode as always, sir. Though I must correct you on one thing.

    To my knowledge, Dollman was not the first shrinking character in comics. That honor goes to Centaur’s Minimidget (Amazing Man Comics #5, September 1939). Dollman appeared three months later in December 1939.
  • Always a pleasure.
  • Wow I can’t believe Murd mentioned me! I was Tommyheroes (before I was banned) and it felt wonderful to know that I was not only remembered but mentioned by The Murd himself. Thank you sir and thank you for talking about the finale of my favorite comic on this episode. We are such small men...
  • BionicDaveBionicDave Posts: 367
    edited November 2018
    The Time Bubble is among my favorite podcasts, period. I get so much joy from this high-octane Murdfest; if he charged a flat download fee per episode, I'd easily pay. I've had a bad couple of months so this was like a shot in the arm. Thank you, @Adam_Murdough.

    I've never read or wanted to read Hitman, and frankly still don't feel the pull LOL, but listening to Murd's reflections on it was still great fun. As for Just Imagine Stan Lee's Green Lantern, I have a stupid question: was this in fact the first time any creator had written the color of Green Lantern to stand for the green of nature/Mother Earth? I've only been a B-level fan of GL through the years, and when I read James Robinson's New52 Earth 2, I was under the impression that his take on his Earth 2 Alan Scott's power being somewhat linked to "the Green" a la Swamp Thing (instead of the Starheart or Oa) was something of a novel invention. But was it actually Stan Lee who came up with that first?
  • Murd's Time Bubble Forever!
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 3,943
    edited January 22
    Finally got around to listening.
    Hitman #60 - boy what an issue, in a series that had fantastic single issues. Hitman is one of my favorite series, and #60 might be the best single issue in the run.
    The last 20 issues are a little melancholy. It was a strong series; that just got better and better as it went on.
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