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The 2021 Reading Thread — The January "I Fought the Law and the Law Won" Edition

All right, people, time to get your new year on and read some freaking comics! And while you’re at it, pick your winners from 2020, ’cause there weren’t nearly enough of those last year.

The Rules
Log everything you've read this year. Just edit your existing post or you (and we) will get confused trying to keep up. At the end of each month, I'll start a new thread and you can pick a "winner" from your favorite books. You can focus on just trades, or just write about the good stuff you've read.


  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,556
    edited January 27
    January Winner: Black Badge #6-12
    February Winner: Protector #1
    March Winner: Two Brothers GN
    April Winner: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Beast of Vargu
    May Winner: Descender #8-26
    June Winner: Wild’s End trilogy
    July Winner: Treasures Retold: The Lost Art of Alex Toth
    August Winner: Fire Power #2
    September Winner: Mort Cinder HC
    October Winner: Pulp GN
    November Winner: Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: The Return of Effie Kolb #1-2
    December Winner: Bang #3-5

    2020 Winner: Wild’s End trilogy

    January Books
    Batman Annual #5 (James Stokoe drawing Batman)
    Batman by Tom King and Lee Weeks: The Deluxe Edition HC
    Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer of Justice #1-5
  • BryanBryan Posts: 155
    edited February 6
    January Winner: Strange Planet
    February Winner: Giant Sized X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1
    March Winner: Undone by Blood or The Shadow of a Wanted Man
    April Winner: The New Frontier
    May Winner: The Low Low Woods #5
    June Winner: Adventureman #1
    July Winner: Pulp
    August Winner: Plunge
    September Winner: We Only Find Them When They’re Dead
    October Winner: Sex Criminals #69
    November: Bad Karma #1-3
    December: Reckless - not real surprising, Brubaker & Phillips are at the top of their game right now. Close Runners up are Gideon Falls - Lemire & Sorrentino are another force to be reckoned with, and I feel like they really stuck the landing with the final issue - and Post Americana #1 by Steve Skroce.

    January Books:

    2020 books
    The Batman’s Grave #12
    Batman/The Maxx: Arkham Dreams #4-5
    Batman White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn #1-3
    Birds of Prey
    Bitter Root #10
    Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams
    The Boys: Dear Becky #8
    Gunning for Ramirez Vol. 1
    Locke & Key: In Pale Battalions Go #1-3
    Hellblazer: Rise & Fall #2
    Monstress #25-30
    Monstress Talk Stories #1-2
    Moonshine #21-22
    Nailbiter Returns #3-8
    The Other History of the DC Universe #1
    Outcast #47
    The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #4
    Second Coming: Only Begotten Son #1
    Seven to Eternity #14-15
    Stranger Things: The Bully
    Stranger Things / D&D #1-2
    Stranger Things Halloween Special
    Stranger Things: Science Camp #1-4
    X-Ray Robot #1-4

    2021 Books
    Batman Catwoman #2
    Daredevil #26
    Dark Nights Death Metal #7
    DCeased: Dead Planet #7
    Knock Em Dead #2
    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #22
    Monstress #31
    Nailbiter Returns #9
    Post Americana #2
    Rat Queens #24
    Rorschach #4
    The Scumbag #4
    Seven to Eternity #16
    Seven Secrets #6
    Something is Killing the Children #14
    Stillwater #5
    Strange Adventures #8
    Stranger Things / D&D #3
    X-Force #16
    X-Men #17
    We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #5

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    The Girl who Played with Fire
    The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,304
    edited February 3

    January 2020 Won edition

    DCs Endless Winter (floppies)

  • sharkjumper2sharkjumper2 Posts: 32
    edited January 26
    January: Jeanne & Modigliani: Paris in the Dark (2018)
    February: Bowie: Stardust, Rayguns & Moonage Daydreams (2020)
    March: Strange Adventures #1 (2020)
    April: Le Major (Moebius) (2018)
    May: Pablo (Self Made Hero Art Masters series) (2015)
    June: Typex's Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (Self Made Hero) (2018)
    July: Sub-Mariner: Marvel Snapshots #1 (2020)
    August: Monet: Itinerant Light (2017)
    September: X-Men: Marvel Snapshots #1 (2020)
    October: Falcon & Winter Soldier #3 (2020)
    November: The Complete Persepolis
    December: FF #25-27

    Best read of 2020? A book from two year's earlier.
    Typex's Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (Self Made Hero) (2018)

    If I had to pick one from 2020?
    Sub-Mariner: Marvel Snapshots #1 (2020)

    January 2021

    Dark Horse Comics
    Norse Mythology #3 (2020)
    Norse Mythology #4 (2021)

    DC Comics
    Adventure Comics #469 (1980)
    Strange Adventures #5 (2020)
    Strange Adventures #6 (2020)
    Strange Adventures #7 (2021)

    Image Comics
    Post Americana #1 (2021)

    Marvel Comics
    Avengers #165 (1977)
    Avengers #166 (1977)
    Captain America #117 Facsimile Edition (1969/2021)
    Eternals #1 Facsimile Edition (1976/2020)
    Falcon & Winter Soldier #5 (2021)
    Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1 (2020)
    Marvels Snapshots: Avengers #1 (2021)
    Marvels Snapshots: Civil War #1 (2021)
    Marvels Snapshots: Spider-Man #1 (2020)
    Marvel Tales: Captain Britain #1 (2020)
    Marvel Team-Up #83 (1979)
    Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27 (1966)
    Sub-Mariner #46 (1972)
    U.S.Agent #2 (2021)

    Non-Comic Reading
    Rick Steves' Europe's Top 100 Masterpieces (2019)
    The Art Detective: Fake, Frauds, and Finds and the Search for Lost Treasures (2010)
    Of Mice and Men (1937)
    (R)evolution: Gary Numan the Autobiography (2020)
  • TorchsongTorchsong Posts: 2,787
    I didn't play last year but I'm back on board this year.

    January Books:


    I Love You So Much I Hate You (Yen)
    Kino's Journey Vol. 7 (Yen)
    Life Lessons with Uramichi Onisan
    Eniale and Deweila

    Digital Books:
    Fantastic Four #1 (1960s)
    Countdown 51-45

    Violet Vixen (Starring Sonya Deveroux) #4 (American Mythology)

    Authorized Happiness Vol. 2
  • January DCBS Shipment

    Action Comics 1028
    Black Adam Endless Winter Special 1
    Black of Heart 2
    Cold Dead Hands 3
    Crossover 2, 3
    DC's Very Merry Multiverse
    Dry Foot 4
    Hollywood Trash 3
    Home Sick Pilots 1
    I Walk With Monsters 2
    Iron Man 4, 5
    King in Black: Iron Man Doom 1
    Ninja Nuns: Old Habits Die Hard
    Origins 2
    Pantomime 2
    Post Americana 1
    Sam & His Talking Gun 1
    Scumbag 3
    Sengi and Tembo 1
    Stargazer 4
    Teen Titans Endless Winter Special 1
    U.S. Agent 2
    Wonder Woman 768, 769

  • CaptShazam_JrCaptShazam_Jr Posts: 45

    2019 overall winner:

    Ms. Marvel vol 1


    January Winner: Golden Age Batman Omnibus vol 2

    Febuary Winner: Bronze Age Batgirl Omnibus vol 1

    March Winner: Marvel Masterworks Avengers vol 4

    April Winner: The Complete Calvin & Hobbes book 3

    May Winner: Sensational She Hulk by John Byrne vol 2

    June Winner: Mythology by Alex Ross

    July Winner: DC Archives Black Canary

    August Winner: Complete Garfield vol 1, 1978-79

    Sept Winner: Classic G.I. Joe vol 6

    October Winner: Marvel Masterworks Avengers vol 5

    November Winner: (Tie) Legion of Super Omnibus vol 2 & 3

    December Winner: (tie) Velvet vol 2 & 3

    2020 Winner(s)

    (Tie) Velvet vols 2 &3

    January Books:

    1. Amazing Spiderman Omnibus vol 4

    2. Marvel Masterworks Avengers vol 6

    3. Powers vol 3

    4. Thunderbolt Classics vol 3

    5. Cerebus: High Society

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