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WandaVision - Series Discussion.

The first two episodes are out. And I think they we're pretty good. I think the first episodes nailed those Bewitched black and white sitcom vibes with a hint of The Twilight Zone. A lot of hints to what's most likely going on. I loved the commercials, both of them so far have had some Easter Eggs.

I wonder if their going full blown Wanda made all this up? Or if someone is doing something to her, and she figures out but doesn't want it to end because the "Illusion" Vision will disappear? Because there are times when she seems genuinely confused.

But also "The devil is in the details." Mephisto maybe? I think that African American lady "Geraldine" clearly lied about her name. She definitely hesitated before saying it.

Also at the end of Episode 2 when that Bee Keeper person came out and his face was in shadow I immediately thought "Is that Ian McKellen?" lol. Probably not, but I could have sworn it was him.

But still I think this is a really cool idea for show. And a great way to get into the Scarlet Witch character more.


  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    Twitter informs me that none of the clocks have sixes. Which may the devil related details Agnes mentioned.

    If you've been following casting news you'll know who "Geraldine" is.

    The names Glamor & Illusion were taken from the Englehart mini-series (their magician neighbours). Likewise the pregnancy story is in that series along with the general idea of them moving to suburbia.

    Is that Randall Park's voice on the radio in ep. 2?

    "Agnes" feels like a name reference to Agatha Harkness. Not sure if that's a red herring or not at this point (her rabbit was named after Agatha's son from Salem's Seven though).
  • RedRight88RedRight88 Posts: 1,946
    I did love the scene with Vision at his job wondering what exactly it is that the company does.
  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    I think episode 4 was the best episode so far. Very cool seeing the POV of the people outside the "bubble". The horror vibes are fantastic.

    The dead talking Vision scene was fantastic. I think inside this bubble Vision is actually alive, it wouldn't make sense to see his reactions to stuff on his own if he was completely puppeted by Wanda. And I think that's important because once he truly understands what's happening he will not want to be apart of it.

    Also this seems to be taking place maybe a month after Endgame? So maybe Wanda was pregnant before she got snapped? And the babies are real? Also seeing everyone comeback after Hulk snapped them back was cool.

    Noticed how Agnes/Agatha Harkness didn't get a real world identification. Probably important. I think the fact that halfway their telling us "It's all Wanda" to me means it won't be all her. I think someone set this up and Wanda is willingly letting it happen.

    The question then becomes why? What does someone gain from all this? The only option I think has to be the children right? Which brings to that Dotti character, because we didn't get a ID for her either, and she was the one that was "for the children."

    And the hexagon shape I believe is something. Maybe since we have the new version of Shield in Sword, maybe we'll see a new version of Hydra in Hive? Even though I know Hive was already a thing in MCU.

    Also them discussing man missions in space through Sword is probably where the FF will be brought in.
  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    Mihawk said:

    The question then becomes why? What does someone gain from all this? The only option I think has to be the children right? Which brings to that Dotti character, because we didn't get a ID for her either, and she was the one that was "for the children."

    It's not just Dottie missing, it's also Dennis the Mailman from episodes 1-2 and the Nielsons from episode 3. So it might be a red herring.
  • TravisTravis Posts: 35
    Wasn't the color of the helicopter different inside the bubble versus outside? It was Iron man maroon and gold inside and blue outside.
  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    Travis said:

    Wasn't the color of the helicopter different inside the bubble versus outside? It was Iron man maroon and gold inside and blue outside.

    Correct. A different shape too I believe. I suspect outside the bubble is also screwy. We've had the hint of it being that way with the cops who deny the town existing despite standing next to the sign. And then Darcy being aware of having her time seemingly edited when she saw something she wasn't meant to see on the broadcast.

    And the fact it's being broadcast in the first place.
  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    Another great episode, when Wanda walked out of the bubble I actually got chills lol. And I like the Hexagon Pattern explanation. It's just the her Hex power and it's cool their actually calling it that.

    I think I understand some of what's going on. Whoever it is that actually started this is basically using Wanda as the security system. Offering the things Wanda wants most in order to keep her willingly there and keeping groups like Sword out.

    And I think it has to do with the kids.
  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    This week's episode has me leaning towards Mojo as being the villain.

    The entire show is his gimmick, plus the Mojoverse is an extra dimensional realm, so he could be aware of the Fox version of Quicksilver.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    Since I saw the promo of something coming through the barrier, it gave me chills. It reminded me of an aspect of my favorite horror movie; John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness.

    it sends chills down my spine each time I watch it.


  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    Brack said:

    This week's episode has me leaning towards Mojo as being the villain.

    The entire show is his gimmick, plus the Mojoverse is an extra dimensional realm, so he could be aware of the Fox version of Quicksilver.

    Mojo would be cool.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    I’ve been thinking about this a bit; isn’t Wonder Man connected with Vision? Could Simon Williams be Woo’s missing persons? Could Wonder Man be birthed out of this series, or the arc this series is starting?

  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    Yeah that missing person which originally started those whole thing has been conveniently forgotten.

    And I'm liking the theory going around that Wanda might have been pregnant in Infinitiy War/Endgame. And maybe learning she was pregnant and the fear of doing it on her own helped fuel this path for her.

    Wanda saying that to Monica when giving birth might have been a clue for that.

    I'm very happy this wasn't like a Netflix show where the entire series was out at the same time. Speculating has made this show even more fun to watch.
  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    I watched it again, and another recurring theme is radiation. Do you think that whatever the radiation is connected to, is actually what's going on in this town? And Wanda's Show is the distraction?

    And I think the recast of Quicksilver might be the thing that could push Wanda back from all of this. Because I think eventually she would be upset that someone else is "pretending" to be her brother? Even though he is obviously Quicksilver from the X-Men movies, but that's still no her actual brother.

    Also I really hope either Ian McKellen or Michael Fassbender shows up in the end. I could see this ending with Wanda going into the multiverse.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    I actually think all at once release would be better. At this point, there’s so many theories that put Agnes as Agatha and the one controlling Wanda, with her talked about husband being Mephisto, to some extent would feel like a let down if it is. Not because those wouldn’t be cool, but predictable at this point with all of the clues we’ve been given.

  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    edited February 9
    I don't believe being predictable is necessarily a bad thing. To me it can mean that the story you are telling is cohesive, that it makes sense.

    And we have to remember the majority of people aren't us, they will have no idea who Mephisto is? If it even is actually him? Because there are plenty of other options that they've hinted at as well.

    Nightmare is a popular one, that will probably be the Villain in Dr Strange 2, considering it's supposed to be a horror movie and that fits well with his name and his powers. And this is supposed to lead into that movie.

    I feel like the only real Mephisto hint we've had is the "Devil in the details" line. I haven't really read or watched Easter Eggs breakdowns.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    edited February 12
    Episode 6 thoughts.

    Boy they really want you to think Quicksilver is Mephisto don't they? Or some other demonic entity who doesn't know when to stop with the wisecracks.

    Given that the real Agnes isn't from Westview, is she the missing person that Woo was looking for? Or was it Wanda?

    I'm guessing Agnes came there investigating and got trapped (assuming she's in the Agatha Harkness role of Wanda's protector). That's why she's keeps dropping clues to Wanda & Vision about the non-real nature of the world, she's trying to get Wanda to resist the temptation of this TV suburbia.

    Pietro is clearly the opposite role in that he's reassuring Wanda that what's she's doing is right.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    I don’t think we’ve seen Woo’s missing person yet. Him and Darcy saw Agnes in episodes and he didn’t say “that’s my missing person”. I think he also used the pronoun “he” when talking about the person.

    I think Agnes’ bit in this episode is intentional & a misdirect. Wanda expanded the boundary to recapture Vision (and then some), but that only happened after Vision “got a little push” to go beyond the town.

    I think this Pietro is apart pushing Wanda, maybe “Ralph” in disguise. This is smoke and mirrors, allowing “Ralph/Pietro” & Agnes to work in tandem to push Wanda. Kinda like in the move Scream.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    In pondering whether the name Agnes is simply a reference to Bewitched actress Agnes Moorhead, who played Endora, it dawned on me that Agnes might turn out to be Natalya Maximoff from the James Robinson Scarlet Witch series.

    Or an amalgam of that character with the various other maternal figures in the umpteen origins Wanda had in the comics.
  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    edited February 13
    OK I firmly believe the Villain is Nightmare. Because that's what all of the people under Wanda's spell are experiencing, a living Nightmare. And I think that maybe Nightmare is "feeding" off of these Nightmares to get stronger.

    And I think Agnes is working for him. Because she has been the one who often drops hints to Vision to make him question something is wrong.

    She talks to Vision outside with Herb, making him question Monica, making him suspicious when he comes back into the house and Monica is magically gone. In the last episode conveniently messing up the script in front of Vision. Also bringing in the Dog house the second they discovered the Dog. And then this episode.

    I think the goal was to get Vision to leave the bubble so Wanda would be forced to make the bubble bigger, giving Nightmare more people to feed on?
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    Hmm, maybe. Doesn’t Nightmare feed off of people sleeping though? There’s also been an awful lot of of “hell” references in the episodes thus far. Plus, the Grim Reaper’s helmet was seen in the “inners” of the house of episode 2.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,451
    Having a variety of thoughts. Leaving them here in bullet list form for commentary:

    * Where there is Vision, so too there should be Wonder Man. Williams started as head of Williams Innovation before the whole acting thing. (Perhaps he's the engineer referenced by Monica?) Vision needs a new brain pattern in lieu of the Mind Stone - Simon has brain wave patterns (and ties nicely into Grim Reaper)

    * From a meta standpoint, I see the series are really be about two things:

    1 - set up for the next wave of movies - Captain Marvel 2 / Dr Strange 2
    2 - provide an in-universe justification for folding in recently returned IPs from other studios (X-men, Fantastic Four)
  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    Having been using Marvel Unlimited to read all the various Wanda & Vision / Wanda & Quicksilver stories that are being drawn on for the show, when I got the Thomases' ending to Byrne's "Dark Scarlet Witch" mess I was surprised to see three faces that are in the Loki trailer.


  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    Interesting, but anticlimactic reveal.

    And does anyone else wonder if when organizations like SWORD set up remote bases, there’s a container with just merch with their logo & name? I don’t recall Hayward wearing that jacket previously.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    That advert in episode 7 sure was a reference to the aforementioned West Coast Avengers story.

    Not sure if they have any real meaning beyond cute in-jokes. If they do, I'm guessing the weapon that Hayward is after isn't Vision, it's Tommy and Billy. Maybe Wanda herself.

    Does that mean he's our Master Pandemonium, Mephisto or Immortus? Probably not, I'm guessing he's probably just another government jerk.

    Curious if Agatha is here in her role from WCA (in which case she's protecting Wanda from Hayward and trying to get her out of her depression in an incredibly inadvisable manner) or if she's a surrogate for Modred from the Avengers storyline and trying to get Wanda possessed by some sort of elder god.

    Thought the use of the "heroic three point landing" was a great visual short hand to let us know Monica is a superhero now. But you only get to do that once Marvel!
  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,451
    Utterly convinced at this point that the commercials are also referencing the Infinity Stones (sorry Adam... Gems).
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    Once I saw this commercial, I bought that Infinity...artifact connection.

    I’m hoping Hayward is just a dick & not the Big Bad (I know Whedon is obliterated, but we can still use the terms, right?). I wondering if he was trying to bring about some type of Ultron through Vision’s body to protect the planet. Maybe use his body as the foundation for a BrotherEye program to monitor for space threats...or monitor those powered on the planet. Didn’t Hayward mention a change in focus?

  • BrackBrack Posts: 851
    edited February 19
    hauberk said:

    Utterly convinced at this point that the commercials are also referencing the Infinity Stones (sorry Adam... Gems).

    The Nexus reference in this episode's commercial is from West Coast Avengers #61


    It will be mildly ridiculous if the future of the MCU is going to hinge this plot point that nobody has wanted to touch in comics since 1994 (because it only existed to quickly wrap up Byrne's abandoned WCA story).
  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 421
    I liked the ending, I think Kathryn Hahn is a very good actress. "I killed Sparky to." I lol. It was like a Austin Powers scene.

    I've also been seeing people freaking out over seeing that Cicada bug in her house, because apparently Mephisto was originally disguised as a Fly in his first appearance. And also I guess there was a Fly in episode 2 during the scene where Dottie glass broke? I'm not sure if that means anything?

    Monica getting powers was expected, I'm not sure if buy her having control over them though.

    And the Nexus thing is definitely going to lead into Doctor Strange 2.
  • MattMatt Posts: 4,445

    I’ve seen theories the book in Agatha’s basement is the Darkhold. Senor Scratch is a nod to her son “Nicholas Scratch” (I think DC had a character of the same name).

    You guys under the impression Monica has an issue with Danvers?

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