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Current Marvel

Has anybody been following any of the current Marvel books? If so, what do you recommend? The only book I have keep up with is Thor but I am looking to jump back in a little with other titles. Searching the internet, I have seen things about a few titles but I am not sure how reliable the info is.

Overall, the common things I see online for books are:

X Men Books - the flagship of the company right now. Several good titles. Starting to slowly expand into too many books to keep up with.

Immortal Hulk - Maybe the best Hulk run ever

Daredevil - very good.

Avengers - Jason Aaron has made a mess of this book and it appears to be going nowhere.


  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    I've gone from a marvel zombie to just buying immortal hulk.

    It's a little sad.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,634

    Well, I’m buying a few limited series from Marvel, but no ongoings these days. And I’m waiting on those series to end before I start in on them, so I can’t attest as to whether they’re good or not. But how could the Marvels series written by Busiek not be good? And just skimming through the Beta Ray Bill issues released so far, it looks pretty cool. I did read the first issue of The Union, and was a bit disappointed with it. I can only hope it picks up.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,494
    edited May 2021

    I just wrapped up Marvel the other night. It was ok but was not what I was expecting.

    The only other 616 book that I'm getting at this point is USAgent. It's also OK but is more the Quantum and Woody Priest than the Deathstroke or Unknown Soldier Priest.

    I did pick up the first issue of Alien and enjoyed it.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,634

    @hauberk, are you referring to the Alex Ross-led Marvel miniseries (which I have but have not read yet)? As far as I know, Busiek’s Marvels series only has one issue out so far.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,634

    I read the first issue of Shang-Chi. It was fine. Not bad, not great... just fine. Kind of an interesting premise, but reminiscent Jimmy Woo’s arc in Agents of Atlas. I give it a B-.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,494

    @nweathington I am indeed! The "s" is relevant.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    Is the Alex Ross Marvel book a continuation of the earth x?

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,494

    I don't think so, but Earth X was during my dark time. It's a Ross/Busiek bridging story with vignettes by other creative teams between.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 867
    edited May 2021

    Black Cat is very good. Probably just behind Immortal Hulk & Daredevil as their best comic. Just ignore the awful J. Scott Campbell cheesecake covers on the first volume, they don't reflect the contents whatsoever.

    Of the X-Books, Way of X & SWORD are the best. Hellions, Cable & Marauders are the others I enjoy.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is very good. That's the third Al Ewing written book along with Hulk & SWORD.

    Captain America is good, especially if you are Sharon Carter fan, but the pace is such that it is hard to place in continuity with the other Marvel books. Which may be to its benefit in the case of Avengers.

    Savage Avengers is a lot of fun. It's basically CONAN TEAM-UP, and because it's being written with the knowledge it has to be easily removable from continuity should their rights to make Conan comics expire, it's super loose even when it's ostensibly being part of an event.


    Marvels X from last year was the continuation of Earth X. It was co-creator Jim Kreuger writing and Velibor Stanojevic on art. With Ross covers of course.

  • RedRight88RedRight88 Posts: 2,050

    I've been doing this thing with some of the current Marvel books that have come up on Comixology Unlimited where I read the first three issues & get a feel for everything.

    So far, the ones that have stuck out the most in my mind include:

    Guardians of the Galaxy



    Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (don't know if that one really counts or not).

    Honorable mention to the Skottie Young Deadpool (older so it probably doesn't count).

  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 432

    The only Marvel thing I read now is Immortal Hulk.

    What it mainly comes down to now is that I want to read something that's eventually going to end. I know you can say when a book changes writers it could be considered an ending? But to me that's very different then something having a definitive ending.

    For me the MCU is enough to scratch my Marvel itch. And Shonen Manga has taken the place of superhero comics for me.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    For the first time in years I am ordering amazing Spiderman. I love sinister six stories and am excited about the sinister war storyline.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    I'm thinking I might regret being excited about the sinster war...

    I picked up some recent back issues of ASM. While I am holding out hope because the story is getting better; it's not looking good.

    There are some bright spots like the C level (reformed) villian Boomerang lives with Peter Parker and Wilson Fisk is mayor NYC (and has secret meetings with all the great Marvel mob bosses). But it's also had some straight up terrible moments that makes me regret ever liking Spiderman.

  • hauberkhauberk Posts: 1,494

    Picked up a few Marvel books recently - wrapped the USAgent series, started on Aliens and War of the Bounty Hunters. Found USAgent to be lackluster - not sure if I will pick up the United States of Captain America mini.

    One thing that I will observe is that the Marvel books have a really terrible cover stock.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 867

    @mwhitt80 Spencer is great when he's dealing with the street level stuff, but comes undone with this mystical Kindred storyline. On paper it's a good idea - whatever happened to the dead Harry that existed prior to One More Day? - but mixing magic with Spidey has never been great from Stan Lee and the Petrified Tablet, to The Other, to One More Day, to this.

    There's so much of it, and from so early, that its hard to deny it's part of the Spider-Man comic DNA, but very little of it is good.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    @Brack that's the thing with this book.

    All the normal Spiderman stuff is really good. I think having Robbie Robertson's son and Tombstone's daughter dating is fantastic. I love Boomerang and Spiderman. I love the almost everything not Kindred...

    But the Kindred story, which is half the book, the A plot and driving storyline behind sinister war, is as bad as the Darkhold series from the 1990s. Issue 60 was as close to an unreadable comic that I finished in a long long time. The Kindred trash makes the ASM a bad book.

    I'm sticking out sinister war and hoping it will improve.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480
    edited June 2021


    Where is a jumping on point of this storyline in X-Men?

  • BrackBrack Posts: 867

    @mwhitt80 They are about to wrap a bunch of series soon, so there'll be a jumping on point with Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz's X-Men #1 next month (July).

    Though Gerry Duggan also has Planet Sized X-Men out this week. I've not got to that yet, so that might be a jumping on point too.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 867

    Okay, I read Planet Sized X-Men. Hadn't realise that had Larraz on it too. It's probably okay for a jumping on point, as it's both the end of this stage of X-Books as well as the start of the next. You could probably hop onto SWORD from that point too.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480


    I ordered Hickman X-Men omnibus from dcbs and picked up X of Swords collection. From what I have skimmed of x of Swords it will be enjoyable.

    Ordered the last few issues of amazing Spider-man leading into sinister war. Cross your fingers

  • @mwhitt80 I have picked up the X Men stuff too and have been ordering the new trades that have been solicited the last couple of months. I think Hickman may only have a year, maybe two at most left with X men so I may wait until everything is available and read it all at once.

    I have also gotten the trades of the current Daredevil run.

    I am been with Thor since the start of Jason Aaron’s run but I think I am about to jump off soon. I just got the 2nd Cates trade and I may go one more. Not sure.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,480

    Man I just read there is going to be a new ghost rider series celebrating 50 years of GR. I'll pick it up because it's ghost rider, but....

    It's going to feature Johnny Blaze! (yawn), and be more horror based! (yawn). And starts with Johnny in his auto shop (not his accounting firm so it's already got 3 strikes against it) being haunted by a demon ready to get out.

    I have read this exact book twice (both lasting 6 issues apiece). I'm just not excited. If history is any indication it's going to become a 6 issue limited series by #2 so I won't be out much money.

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