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Episode 1810 Talkback - May 2021 Previews

We begin this month's Previews as a Three Man Crew composed of Shane, Murd and Ian. Then Chris makes it a foursome in time for DC, and then Shane exits at Marvel to return to a newly formed three. We dive into Previews #392, DC Connect #12, and Marvel Previews #11, with books scheduled for release in July, 2021. (2:40:44)

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  • AlbertCampionAlbertCampion Posts: 18
    edited May 22

    I listened to this episode while mowing the lawn this evening, and am about 2 hours into it. For those of us who still listen as a podcast, please, please, please identify the books you're talking about. A lot of times I have to catch the name of the book in passing while it's being discussed.

    Oh, and thanks for posting the episode before the Discount Comic Book Service due date. I always look forward to the previews episodes to point out things I might have overlooked.

  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 714

    Thanks @AlbertCampion. Duly noted, I'll be sure to drill that into the fellas and I next Previews recording.

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,387

    The biggest thing I took note of was a new mouseguard book.

    David Peterson has taken so much of my money.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 864
    edited May 28

    Warning about starting with the Doug Moench written Moon Knight, as was recommended here, it very much has the attitudes of the time (well, the attitudes of someone from that time trying to recreate the attitudes of 1930s pulps). Especially in the appearances before the first regular series. For example, Marvel Spotlight Vol 1 29 has Marc go on a run of homophobic terms to describe the spy Merkins.

    I've been using Marvel Unlimited to read comics year on year from my date of birth, and Moench's work can be quite the "yeesh!" generating factory when read today (not always his fault - whoever decided Shang Chi needed to be painted BRIGHT YELLOW can get in the bin).

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