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Episode 1820 Talkback: August 2021 Previews

Before the month is through, there's Previews left to do! And for the month of August, Chris, Ian and Murd find many a thing that goes bump in the night, as Previews #395, DC Connect #15 and Marvel Previews #14 reveal their spooky titles set mostly for release in the month of October. No tricks, just the treats of good comics to be had. (2:28:12)

Listen here or watch it on YouTube:


  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,385

    Ian my thoughts on the Nick Spencer run

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,385

    Now onto the rest of the story.

    The back issue market started creeping up after the avengers movie and went insane last year. Not just key issues, but everything. This week an ungraded regular cover 1-18 run of that awful Houston Moon Knight series from the mid 2000s sold for $96.00. You might want to see what the bid auctions are closing for and keep an eye on a few buy now listings to see if they sale.

    The marvel blacklight posters is really awesome. I've got a ghost rider blacklight poster that marvel did in the 90s, but I really want some of those 3rd Eye posters.

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