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Hanging onto continuity for far too long.

In the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man it is essentially revealed that the whole of Nick Spencer's run has been dedicated to undoing a retcon from 17 years ago.

In January, Dan Slott finally gives us The Reckoning War, a plot point from the first volume of his She-Hulk run 15 years ago.

Part of me admires the audacity of Spencer spending 75 issues to remove a distasteful plot that most people had probably forgotten anyway.

And as a Slott fan, I'm not going to deny the frisson of excitement at the end of Empyre when Uatu said THERE SHALL BE A RECKONING!

But, surely for most readers, they are either unaware of these plot points or have mentally filed them away as unimportant? It's not like Immortal Hulk's use of continuity where it's added value when you go back and read the old comics, rather than actively turning old comics into a lie or pulling some tiny plot point and extrapolating it into something huge decades later.

That being said if I ever write at Marvel I'm definitely bringing back that kid who was clearly Astro Boy that was introduced by Carlos Pacheco moments before he was replaced as the FF writer. 😜

Any other examples of plot points that probably didn't need addressing decades after the fact?

Any others you'd like to see addressed?


  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,385

    I finally finished sinister war 4. I've got one more issue of nick Spencer before I wash my hands of that guy.

    Now back to the question at hand.

    The only one I can think of and I don't think it has been addressed is spider-baby. Just leave that whole thing alone; it was dumb at the time and dumber as time goes on.

    Here's a deep cut that hasn't been dealt with and should be forgotten. Danny Ketch Ghost Rider ended up as the king of hell, and the whole ghost rider is really an agent of heaven. Just let those go.

  • BrackBrack Posts: 864

    With the prelude to the new Spider-Man run in the back of Spencer's last issue, his resolving of 17 year old storylines now seems positively conservative as we pick up a plot thread from 1996's Spider-Man Redemption!

    Though we also have a thread from Al Ewing's Mighty Avengers run (2013) there too. I guess that's a sign of his longevity at Marvel now other writers have started to pick up his dangling plot threads (I believe Deadpool & The Mercs For Money first suggested that particular villain was not as defeated as the Mighty Avengers story suggested).

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