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Episode 1824 Talkback: September 2021 Previews

The Dynamic Diamond Duo of Ian and Murd tag team the September Previews this month, covering solicits mostly set for release in November 2021. This includes selections from Previews #396, DC Connect #16, and Marvel Previews #15. But how, you ask, do only two people manage to record their monthly picks and still go two and a half hours? They found a way. (2:36:45)

Listen here or watch us on YouTube:


  • AlbertCampionAlbertCampion Posts: 18
    edited September 25

    Just a little bit of needling about my favorite pet peeve 🙃 Here's your quiz: at 1:32:00 we have the below conversation. Without looking at the Marvel catalog, can you name the book Ian and Adam are discussing?

    Ian: But here's our boy! Page 58. It's just for us!

    Adam: Yep, he's wearing the costume we prefer to see him wear and there's a reason for that because this issue is just kind of reprinting some of the Peter David and ChrisCross stuff.

    Ian: Yep, yep, but great stuff for anybody who hasn't actually read it before. Page 58. I actually owned issue zero back in the day. 

    Adam: Me too.

    Ian: Yep, that was a Wizard pack-in comic essentially, and that plus issue 1, 2, and 3 were a great way to start things off after Avengers Forever and yeah. Read it if you haven't. You're gonna love it.

    Adam: Uh-huh. It comes highly recommended by two out of two geeks participating in this podcast.

    Ian: Exactly! You want another geek's opinion? Too bad! And then page 59...

  • Thanks for calling us out @AlbertCampion we're totally guilty of it. 😂

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,585

    Petrograd is a great book. Bought it and read it ten years ago, and highly recommend it. It introduced me to Tyler Crook’s beautiful work — worth the price of admission just on its own — and is an interesting, entertaining read to boot.

  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,585

    If you didn't pick up Ninjak as a monthly (and, let's face it, you probably didn't), I highly encourage you to get the trade. It's Jeff Parker writing, so you get an entertaining, well-told, solid story, but the highlight is Pulido’s storytelling. He’s doing really interesting, thoughtful things in his layouts and panel compositions. It's truly amazing work.

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