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The 2021 Reading Thread — The November “Thanks, or Whatever, Just Let Me Eat in Peace” Edition

Not really in the mood for being thankful right now. Maybe it will come around before the turkey is served. In the meantime, I'll be over in the corner reading some comics.

The Rules

Log everything you've read this year. Just edit your existing post or you (and we) will get confused trying to keep up. At the end of each month, I'll start a new thread and you can pick a "winner" from your favorite books. You can focus on just trades, or just write about the good stuff you've read.


  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,638
    edited November 2021

    January Winner: Batman by Tom King and Lee Weeks: The Deluxe Edition HC

    February Winner: Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer #1

    March Winner: Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters #1

    April Winner: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back — The 40th Anniversary Covers by Chris Sprouse #1

    May Winner: Orphan and the Five Beasts #2

    June Winner: Fire Power #3-10

    July Winner: Bandette, vol. 4: The Six Finger Secret HC

    August Winner: Mawrth Valliis OGN

    September Winner: The Collected Toppi, vol. 2: North America HC

    October Winner: Ninjak #3–4 (mostly for issue #3, as #4 only had a few pages of Pulido artwork)

    November Books

    Head Lopper vol. 4 TP

    The Human Target #1

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,482
    edited December 2021

    November "Go Braves, I'm still smiling" Edition

    The Hoon 1-5 floppies

    The Hoon 1-2

    Superman vs. lobo 2

    Wonder woman dead earth 1-4

    Crush & Lobo #6

    Valor 1-4

  • BryanBryan Posts: 178
    edited November 2021

    January Winner: Post Americana #2

    February Winner: Something is Killing the Children #15

    March Winner: Proctor Valley Road #1

    April Winner: Beta Ray Bill #1

    May Winner: The Good Asian #1

    June Winner: Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal #1-2. 

    July Winner: 20XX Volume 1

    August Winner: Echolands #1

    September Winner: That Texas Blood #10

    October Winner: Friday #4 - This book (digital first, but the first trade just dropped this week) from Ed Brubaker and Marcos Martin is even more amazing than the A-List creative team suggests. “What happened when Encyclopedia Brown grew up?” I’m not sure you could given a one sentence pitch that would grab me faster. Seriously, go get the first trade or get the issues digitally from panel syndicate. Fantastic book.

    November Books:

    Bacon and Other Monstrous Tales

    Batman #116

    Friday Vol. 1 (I read the issues digitally as well when they first dropped, but wanted to list this here so I make sure to note it when I am combing through these threads for best of nomination ideas).

    The Me You Love In The Dark #4

    Newburn #1

    A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance #2

    Silver Coin #6

    Stillwater #11

    Two Moons #6

    Undiscovered Country #17

    What’s the Furthest Place from Here #1

  • January Winner: Iron Man 5

    February Winner: Serial 1

    March Winner: Shadow Doctor 1

    April Winner: Maniac of New York 2

    May Winner: Shadow Doctor 3

    June Winner: Shadow Doctor 4

    July Winner: Superman Red and Blue 4

    August Winner: Nottingham 5

    September Winner: Made in Korea 4

    October Winner: Batman Superman #22 (possible single issue of the year for me)

    Digital Comics

    Immortal Hulk volume 7, 8

    DCBS Shipment

    Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot TP

    Bloom #2

    Crush & Lobo #6

    Darkhold Blade #1

    Darkhold Iron Man #1

    Department of Truth TP Vol 02

    Eat The Rich #3

    Iron Man #13

    Jonna And The Unpossible Monsters #7

    Knighted #1

    Last Flight Out #1 , 3

    Lucky Devil #4

    Made In Korea #5

    Mazebook #2

    Orville Artifacts #1

    Primordial #2

    Shang-Chi #5

    Silver Coin #6

    Six Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #4

    Teen Titans Academy #7

    Telepaths #2

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