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A question for College-Age geeks, regarding comic nostalgia and advertising

Hi fellow geeks,

I am a graphic designer who has been handed the design opportunity of a lifetime.

I am taking the school mascot and transforming him into a superhero, then creating a campaign in keeping with the theme. I've been given more freedom than I expected. I've got the costume designed, and I'm waiting to get specifics on projects. There will be posters, social media images, banners, etc.

I was thinking it could be fun to do spoofs of old comic ads for some of the social media images. I am in my fifties and havefond memories of ads for Sea Monkeys, Hostess Snack cakes, door-to-door seed selling scams, as well as X-Ray Specs and all sorts of gags and gimmicks.

Those would be fun to spoof.

The only thing is: does that suit the target demographic? I really want something that appeals to the 17-22 years-old crowd. I know there are collectors that would totally "get" Twinkies and AAU Shoe-perstar spoofs. Is there a direction I could consider that would work better? I will be limited on the time I can spend, and will need to keep it close to the main theme.

I remember in-house ads in the books of my childhood, touting the other books released in the same month, and those would work.

But would they speak to my target demographic?

I have 3 kids, two in their early twenties, but they stepped away from actual comic books around the time they started driving.

Sorry this is rambling, but I would appreciate any feedback or input. II hope to make it frekking sweer!


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