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The 2023 Reading Thread — The January “One Mo’ Time Again” Edition

It's another year already. Time to settle old storylines and prepare for new ones. Hopefully this year will bring as many surprising gems as 2022.

The Rules

Log everything you've read this year. Just edit your existing post or you (and we) will get confused trying to keep up. At the end of each month, I'll start a new thread and you can pick a "winner" from your favorite books. You can focus on just trades, or just write about the good stuff you've read.


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    nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,742
    edited February 2023

    January Winner: Human Target #3

    February Winner: The Human Target #4

    March Winner: Monkey Prince #2

    April Winner: Human Target #5-6

    May Winner: Fables #151

    June Winner: n/a

    July Winner: Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #1-6

    August Winner: Godzilla Rivals: Vs. Battra (by default, but a pretty decent book)

    September Winner: Blacksad: They All Fall Down, Part 1 OGN

    October Winner: Fables #152–155

    November Winner: Human Target #7–9

    December Winner: Look Back TP

    2020 Winner: Human Target

    January Books

    Avengers: War Across Time #1

    Black Cloak #1

    Do a PowerBomb! #1–7

    Fables #157

    Fantastic Four: Full Circle OGN

    Friday, Book Two: On a Cold Winter’s Night TP

    Godzilla: Rivals—Rodan vs. Ebirah

    Human Target #10–11

    Hitomi #3–4

    Immortal Sergeant #1

    Kaya #1

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    BryanBryan Posts: 208
    edited January 2023

    January Winner: The Other History of the DC Universe

    February Winner: A Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #3-4

    March Winner: Batman Superman World’s Finest #1

    April Winner: Dragon

    May Winner: A Righteous Thirst for Vengeance 6-7 - This book is really hitting it's stride.

    June Winner: Do A Power Bomb #1

    July Winner: The Passageway

    August Winner: The Creep

    September Winner: Creepshow #1

    October Winner: Follow Me Down

    November Winner: Extremity

    December Winner: Public Domain

    January Books:

    2022 Books:

    10,000 Black Feathers #1-4

    Bad Karma #6

    Batman #128-130

    Batman: Killing Time

    Batman Superman: World’s Finest #8-10

    Book of Slaughter #1

    Daredevil #3-6

    Dark Crisis #1-7

    Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1

    Dark Crisis FCBD Special Edition 2022

    Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1

    Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green #1

    Dark Crisis: War Zone #1

    Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Batman #1

    Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Superman #1

    Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Arrow #1

    Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Green Lantern #1

    Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League: Wonder Woman #1

    Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1-6

    DC vs Vampires #8-12

    Fantastic Four: Full Circle

    Gun Honey: Out for Blood #1-4

    House of Slaughter #6-10

    Justice League #75

    Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1

    Maskerade #1-3

    Nocterra: Val Special #1

    That Texas Blood #15-20

    The Night Eaters: She Eats The Night Book 1

    2023 Books:

    10,000 Black Feathers #5

    Legion of X #9

    Maskerade #4

    Miles Morales: Spider-Man #2

    X-Men #18

    Older Books:

    Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader

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    mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,621
    edited February 2023

    "A new year, a new me ( the recasting is phenomenal)" January Reading Edition.

    Deadly Duo 1&2

    SGT Rock vs. the Army of the Dead #1-4

    Devil Dinosaur #1-6 (omnibus)

    Jurassic League #1-3

    She-Hulk (2022) #9

    Human Target #9-10

    Quick stops #3

    Joe Fix-It #1

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    Janaury Winner: Chicken Devil 1-3

    February Winner: Serial 10

    March Winner: The Kill-Lock: Artisan Wraith 1

    April Winner: Beware of Toddler v1

    May Winner: Eight Billion Genies 1

    June Winner: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen's Boss Perry White 1

    July Winner: Eight Billion Genies 2

    August Winner: Nottingham 9

    Sepetmber Winner: Batman: One Bad Day the Riddler

    October Winner: Eight Billion Genies 5

    November Winner: Nightwing 98, featuring best new hero Nite-Mite!

    December Winner: Eight Billion Genies 6

    January DCBS Shipment

    Action Comics #1050

    Batman Superman Worlds Finest #10

    Black Cloak #1

    Damn Them All #3

    Department of Truth TP Vol 04

    Gcpd The Blue Wall #3

    Its Only Teenage Wasteland #2

    Know Your Station #2

    Maskerade #4

    Ninja Funk #2

    Quick Stops #3

    Sacrament #5

    Zorro Masters Vol 2 Alex Toth #1

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