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The 2023 Reading Thread — The August “Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Me” Edition

It's too hot to do anything but stay inside and read comics, so have at it.

The Rules

Log everything you've read this year. Just edit your existing post or you (and we) will get confused trying to keep up. At the end of each month, I'll start a new thread and you can pick a "winner" from your favorite books. You can focus on just trades, or just write about the good stuff you've read.


  • nweathingtonnweathington Posts: 6,706
    edited August 9

    January Winner: Human Target #10–11

    February Winner: Love Everlasting #1–5

    March Winner: Human Target #12

    April Winner: Immortal Sergeant #3–4

    May Winner: Spy x Family vol. 2

    June Winner: Immortal Sergeant #5

    July Winner: Spy Superb #1-3

    August Books

    Goodbye, Eri one-shot manga

  • ChrisMurrinChrisMurrin Posts: 247
    edited August 14

    January Winner: Action Comics #1050 (almost put none)

    Febraury Winner: DC's Harley Quinn Romances #1

    March Winner: Eight Billion Genies #7

    April Winner: Eight Billion Genies #8

    May Winner: Harrower #3

    June Winner: I Saw It GN

    July Winner: Svengoolie Lost In Time #1 (Nottingham and I Saw It both close runners up)


    Superman: Space Age #1, 2 digital

    Jonna #12

    Project Naosis #0


    Barnstomers #2

    Count Dante #2

    Crestar & Knight Stallion #1

    Hellcat #5

    Here Comes Calico #4

    Human Target HC V2

    I am Iron Man #5

    Invincible Iron Man #8

    Junk Rabbit #5

    Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #2

    Sandman Universe Special Thessaly #1

    Tales from Nottingham #6

    Void Rivals #2

  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 4,575
    edited September 5

    The august Reading List for August

    Superman The Last Days of Lex Luther #1

    Danger Street #1-2

    Groo the Wanderer #22

    Hellboy 1957 Fearful Symmetry

    Hellboy 1957 From Below

    Groo Chronicles #1

  • BryanBryan Posts: 197
    edited August 26

    January Winner: Gun Honey: Out for Blood

    February Winner: Superman Space Age

    March Winner: Undiscovered Country

    April Winner: It’s Jeff #1 - just goofy fun.

    May Winner: Gardener

    June Winner: Night Fever

    July Winner: The Sacrificers #1 (FBCD)

    August Books:

    Carnage Reigns: Omega #1

    Daredevil #7-14

    Dwellings #1

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