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Just Wanted To Say Thanks, with Appreciation to Those of You Still Here


As you know, I have been quite absentee here for a long time now. I would still approve new membership requests, and come by to occasionally un-announce old episode threads, things like that. Everyone was cool, so there really wasn't anything that needed me to do. If you are seeing this, you get it.

But I wanted to say how much I respect and appreciate the small but mighty, and committed group of you who continued to still be here- having the meet-ups, continuing to answer questions and share knowledge and company, talk about what you were reading— even when you knew that you were a pretty small group doing so.

You don't need to hear it from me, but I just wanted to say I think that's great. It is really an ever more rare, social media resistant, form of community building and community commitment that is about depth rather than scale. I respect and admire it. And I hope those of you who were still using this platform to plan meet-ups and stay in community have shared some contact details so that you can continue to do so, if you want to, once there is not this platform here (and I don't know when this forum closes, I don't know anything beyond the 'will be closing' and that we should get some sort of warning first).

I'm rambling— anyone who remembers me knows that brevity was never my strength.

But I just wanted to take this moment to say thanks. For being here. For continuing to be here. That commitment is inspiring to me. And for what it is worth, I just wanted to say that I see you, and good on you all, and I hope you continue to have that community and connection with each other in other places (and I know that Facebook is not for everyone, and is not the same, I get that). You are the real deal.

So thanks again. I was tempted to be nostalgic and create two of these conversations just to amalgamate! something one more time. Though it might not seem so lately, this little corner of the Internet (and, of course, the several iterations before it) will always hold a place in my heart.

David D.


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