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Episode 1196 - Submitted by Eamonn Clarke

LoSCCO Stan Lee special
1. Golden Age Marvel. Stan Lee’s first published work was a text piece in which Timely comics publication?
2. Bronze age DC. In 1976 Stan Lee was one of the editors on the Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man comic. What did Lex Luthor do to Spidey’s costume to make him a match for Superman?
3. Modern age Indy. In 2008 Stan created a new character for the Jump Square and Shonen Jump Manga. What was the character’s name?

1. Captain America Comics #3 in May 1941
2. He irradiated it with Red Sun radiation.
3. Ultimo

Murd scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!


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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
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    Episode 1200 - Submitted by Christopher Murrin

    1. Marvel 1960s. Wyatt Wingfoot was a member of which native American tribe?
    2. Indy 1990s. What is the real name of the character Z in the comic of the same name by Keystone graphics?
    3. DC 2000s. In Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, Kyle Rayner is joined by 6 different Lanterns from different times and universes. Name 3 of the 6.

    1. Keewazi
    2. Zachary Clarke
    3. Pel Tavin, the Emerald Knight, a Daxamite knight from the 13th Century
    Ali Rayner-West, Green Lightning, a descendant of both Rayner and Wally West, who has both a power ring and superspeed
    Hunter and Forest Rayner, cousins and members of the Teen Lantern Corps, who are from a world where Rayner's descendants all share his original power ring
    G.L.7177.6, a reprogrammed Manhunter android
    Alexandra DeWitt who, in an alternate timeline, had received the last power ring only to have Rayner murdered soon thereafter (an inversion of Rayner's story)

    Murd scored 1 out of 3 (question 1 correct). Not Muddled.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1201 - submitted by Andrew 'Rens' Salend

    1. Marvel 1960s. Name 2 Golden Age characters who had a counterpart of the same name in 1960s Marvel, although they were completely different characters?
    2. DC 1970s. In the New Gods original series one of the members is Fastbak. What is his speciality besides being a Supertown citizen?
    3. Indy 2000s. What Indy publishers have released GI Joe comics?

    1. Human Torch and Angel
    2. He has a beautiful singing voice.
    3. IDW & Devil's Due

    Murd scored 1 out of 3 (question 3). Not Muddled

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    John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
    @Caliban - awesome job archiving those =D>
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Hopefully listeners who submit questions can add the details here after they are on the show.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1204 - submitted by Kieron Thomas

    1. DC pre 1970. In Detective Comics #359 The Million Dollar Debut of Batgirl, can you name the other story in that issue?
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. In the Impossible Man Summer Vacation spectacular there was a story about the Impossible Man's daughter being taught to have fun. Who was conscripted to teach her, and which hero tried to save her from that teacher? (Two questions - either answer would count)
    3. Indy 2000s. America's Best Comics. What is the name of Atoman's base in Top 10 #12?

    1. Riddle of the Sleepytime Taxi!
    2. Madcap and Quasar
    3. The Fall-Out Shelter

    Murd scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Please let me know if I got names or any other details wrong.
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    PantsPants Posts: 567
    Thanks Eamonn for doing this. You'll be busy with this week's episodes.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
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    Episode 1208 - Submitted by Chuck Coletta

    1. DC 1970-2000. In issues 159 & 160 of Justice League of America the JLA teamed up with the Five Warriors of Forever. Name them?
    2. Marvel pre 1970. Which ell known Marvel Universe supporting character who debuted in comic books in 1963 actually first appeared in a short lived newspaper strip several years earlier?
    3. Indy 2000s. In the new Life with Archie which Riverdale lady becomes pregnant by Jughead in issue #17?

    1. Miss Liberty, Black Pirate, Viking Prince, Enemy Ace, Jonah Hex (Murd got the first 3)
    2. Willy Lumpkin
    3. Midge Klump Jones

    Murd scored 1 out of 3 (number 2 correct)
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited March 2012
    Before anyone asks the Stump the Rios wiki was lost in a reality storm (like previous iterations of the forum).
    Only the Psycho Pirate remembers it now.

    And please post your questions and answers here when your Muddle the Murd gets read out on the show.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited March 2012
    Episode 1209 - submitted by Kyle Moyer

    1. Marvel Pre 1970s. In the Red Doom from Journey into Mystery #46 (May 1957) what is the world's largest pearl?
    2. DC 1970-2000. (Paraphrased) In Batman #339 a villain overcame batman and launched a devious plot which was not revealed until #344. What was that dastardly plot? (This question was tossed by umpire Jamie D)
    3. Indy. Post 2000. When IDW got the Transformers licence they produced a series of mini-series written by Simon Firman. They were:
    Vol 1 Infiltration
    Vol 3 Escalation
    Vol 4 Devastation
    Vol 5 Revelation
    What was the title of volume 2?

    1. The Pearl of Tantomoto
    2. Poison Ivy kissed and hypnotised all the board members of the Wayne Foundation including Bruce Wayne.
    3. Stormbringer

    Murd scored 0 out of 3 but not Muddled as question two was disallowed on the grounds of vagueness
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    John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
    edited March 2012
    ^:)^ awesome thread - please someone make this a sticky!

    ( and don't tell me to just bookmark it - I already did...)
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    Episode 1210 - submitted by Chris Weiherer (me)

    1. DC Prior to 1970. By dialing H-E-R-O, Robby Reed turned into new super-heroes such as Giantboy, Radar-Sonar Man, and Super-Nova. In House of Mystery #160, which preexisting DC super-hero did Robby Reed turn into?
    2. Marvel 1970 to 2000. In Captain America #250, which political party tries to recruit Captain America as their candidate for President?
    3. Independent post 2000. In Common Grounds #4 written by Troy Hickman, what is the name of the support group for overweight super-heroes?

    1. Plastic Man
    2. The New Populist Party
    3. The Super-Heavy Weights.

    Murd scored 1 out of 3 (he got number 1 correct).

    That damn Who's Who!
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    Episode 1214 - submitted by Chris Beckett (whose fan pedigree Murd respects :D )

    #1: pre-1970/independent – Gil Kane tried to break away from mainstream superhero comics with two books that were precursors to today’s graphic novel. His first foray came in 1968 with the book His Name is … Savage. What actor did Kane base his main character on?

    Answer: Lee Marvin

    #2: 1970-2000/DC Comics – Jack Kirby created a twelve-issue run with the original Losers. In what book were the Losers featured?

    Answer: Our Fighting Forces

    #3: 2001-present/Marvel Comics – J. Michael Straczynski and Colleen Doran created the series, The Book of Lost Souls,for Marvel’s ICON imprint. There were two main characters in this short-lived series, a man and a cat. Name one of these characters.

    Answer: Jonathan (the man) or Mystery (the cat)

    Murd got 1 out of 3 correct, answering #2 correctly. And Mike Gallagher got #3 correct.

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    LibraryBoyLibraryBoy Posts: 1,803
    Episode 1212 - submitted by Bill Doughty, a.k.a. Library Boy, a.k.a. the guy writing this post right now.

    1. Pre-1970s - Independent/Other: Harvey Comics' golden age superheroine the Black Cat was really glamorous actress and stuntwoman Linda Turner. What was the real name of her sidekick and ward, Kitten?

    Answer: Kit Weston.

    2. 1970-2000 - DC: In Superman #276, the man of steel fought a Captain Marvel stand-in named Captain Thunder. Captain Thunder was really Willie Fawcett, who could summon his superheroic powers by rubbing his magic belt buckle and shouting THUNDER!, which like the word Shazam was an acronym for the seven mystical entities that granted him his powers. What did the letters of Thunder stand for (and for bonus points, name which power each entity granted)?

    Answer: Tornado (power), Hare (speed), Uncas (bravery), Nature (wisdom), Diamond (toughness), Eagle (flight), and Ram (tenacity)

    3. Post-2000 - Marvel: In the Paul Tobin run on Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, teenage Peter Parker acquires a new love interest, Sophia Sanduval, a.k.a. Chat, a mutant who can communicate with animals. Which long-established Marvel character hires Chat to work for his or her detective agency?

    Answer: The Blonde Phantom

    Adam got 1 out of 3 correct, not just answering #2 correctly but thoroughly taking me to school in the process! :))
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Thanks to Chris, Chris and Bill for setting a fine example to all Muddlers everywhere
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1216 - submitted by Garett Bowers(?)

    1. Indy Pre 1970s. In Jughead #173 there is a story called Bottle Baby in which Reggie finds two bottles with messages in them. What does the first message say?
    2. DC 1970-2000. In Batman #360 which villain is murdering police officers.
    3. Marvel post 2000. In Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #25 Spidey fights a crew of Circus performers who are robbing the audience. What is the stage name of the two tightrope walking brothers?

    1. "Don't do it"
    2. The Savage Skull.
    3. The Flying Gambonnos

    Adam scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!
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    i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 784
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    Episode 1218 - submitted by (TV's) Mario Muscar!

    1. DC Pre 1970s: In the first year of the original run of Action Comics, there was an investigative reporter who worked for The Daily Planet's rival, The Bulletin. The question I'm asking however is not to name said reporter; his name was Scoop Scanlon. But, what was the name of his trusty photographer sidekick?

    Answer: Rusty James

    2. Marvel 1970 - 2000: In the often overlooked genius that was Darkhawk, the title character faced off against a character who called himself Evilhawk. Evilhawk's alter ego was a Reptile-like alien crime-lord from the planet Luq. What was his real name?

    Answer: Dargin Bokk

    3. Independent Post-2000: Who is revealed as the Decepticon traitor in IDW's "All Hail Megatron" series?

    Answer: Thundercracker

    Adam scored a 0 out of 3, which makes him Muddled by the Mario!
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    i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 784
    Episode 1221 - submitted by some guy named Ian Levenstein

    1) Independent (Pre-1960's): In what title did the Golden Age Daredevil first appear? An extra Muddle point to you if you can name the publisher as well.

    ANSWER: Silver Streak #6, and the publisher was Lev Gleason Publications.

    2) Marvel (1960's - 2000): During the Heroes Return period of Marvel's illustrious history, only four mutants ever appeared on the cover of any of the four titles in the line (Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America). Who were these four mutants?

    ANSWER: The Scarlet Witch (regular member of The Avengers, appeared on multiple covers), Namor The Sub Mariner (Fantastic Four #2 and #3), Cable (Captain America #6) Wolverine (Fantastic Four #7).

    3) DC (2000 - present): In the series Monolith, written and created by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray in 2005, the Monolith is controlled by a young woman who happens to share the first name of her grandmother, the woman who originally brought life to the Monolith back in the 1930's. What is the name of the present day (well, present day as of 2005...) keeper of the Monolith?

    ANSWER: Alice Cohen. Monolith and Alice were last seen in Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven, and I continue to hope DC bringe this character back in the New52.

    Adam scored a 1 out of 3, avoiding the Muddle. Until next time fellas, Make Mine Muddled!
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    "This is a narrative of very heavy-duty proportions. "

    Episode 1220 Talkback: Kickstarting Crazy Mary

    pre-1970 Marvel
    Question 1: Name the six people who are on the cover of Fantastic Four #67, published in Oct. of 1967.

    Answer: Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Crystal, Him in a cocoon (later know as Adam Warlock) The Thing, Alicia Masters, Dr. Hamilton

    1970-2000 DC:
    Question 2: "When 4 youths form to summon INFINITY-MAN, in Forever People #1, who did the new entity defeat to save Superman?

    Answer: "Gravi-Guards" Thus freeing Superman to save Beautiful Dreamer from Darkseid by using his Super-Speed.

    post 2000 Independent
    Question 3: You get the Synopsis, What is the name of this Trade Paper Back from Top Shelf of Jan. 2011?

    "Lei Kung, a soldier in one of these armies, grows tired of his master’s evil ways and seeks enlightenment elsewhere. However, he soon finds that he’s been chosen as the one who will put an end to the emperor’s tyrannical rule, personally!"


    Adam scored 0 out of 3, and I have MUDDLED the MURD! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

    looking forward to that sketch..
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    KyleMoyerKyleMoyer Posts: 727
    Episode 1219

    1. Pre-1970 Marvel. What was Bernard the Poet's first appearance? Hint - his poetry was reading a housewife's shopping list aloud. It's what makes him a genius.

    2. 1970-2000 Indies. In the early days of Mirage Comics' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic, there were four one-shots published focusing on each of the four turtles. In what order were those four published (according to cover date, which I believe is the same order as actual release date, but just to play it safe....)? Hint - I doubt you need this hint, but just in case, the turtles are (in alphabetical order) Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael. If my statistics are correct, you have a 1 in 24 chance of getting this correct by just guessing.

    3. Post-2000 DC In the first TPB collection of Mike Carey and Peter Gross' excellent series The Unwritten, the long-awaited next volume in the Tommy Taylor series, Tommy Taylor and the Emerald Telescope, allegedly by Wilson Taylor is received. Which novel in the fictional series is this (i.e. the first novel, the second novel, the fifty-second novel, etc)? Hint - it's an even number.

    1. X-Men (vol 1) 7
    2. Raphael - April 1985, Michaelangelo (sic) - December 1985, Donatello - May 1986, Leonardo - December 1986 (the dates aren't necessary)
    3. Tommy Taylor and the Emerald Telescope is the 14th novel in the series.

    Murd answered zero of three and was muddled. I will post the sketch I won once I receive it and get the chance to scan it. I'll admit that I hadn't seen any of his artwork before. I bought Rex because of Mike's pin-up and because the concept behind the story sounded like good old-fashioned fun. I looked him up when I found out I won (which Pants emailed me about before the episode was uploaded without spoiler warnings*) and he's good. This is a nice prize, and now I'm really looking forward to Rex, and of course it ships the week AFTER my DCBS order for the month goes out.

    I love the fact that the hint they poo-poo'ed the most (the last one) is the only one that I would consider an actual hint. The first one was just what he was reading but tells you nothing about the issue, the second is something that I'm sure Murd already knew. The hint for the last one did, as Pants put it, eliminate half the answers. And I know half of infinity is still infinity, but I don't think anybody really thought the answer was going to be something like 1,852.

    Also.... hmmm... how do I put spoiler tags in on this forum? I want to say something about my Unwritten question, but it would involve spoilers for the book.

    *I'm not bothered by the CGS "spoilers," I just have to laugh at it since Pants is the guy who's so anti-spoiler, he'll cover his ears during a movie trailer.
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    nhartznhartz Posts: 12
    Here was my Muddle the Murd try.

    Question 1 Marvel comics pre- 1970

    In Marvel Comics #1 there were seven stories in the book. The more remembered ones were The Human Torch, The Sub-Mariner & The Angel. Can you name two of the other four?

    The Masked Raider, Jungle Terror, Burning Rubber and Adventures of Ka-Zar the Great.

    Question 2. 1970-2000 Independent

    In Aircel Comics, Warlock 5 # 11

    Who does Zania join forces with?


    Question 3. Post 2000 DC Comics

    In Robin # 159 Tim Drake and Zoanne go out on a date. The date is interrupted when Batman and a villain crash into the restaurant. Who is the villain?


    0/3 on the Questions

    He was Muddled.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1226 - Submitted by Bill Doughty

    1. DC pre 1970. Near the end of its run DC's The Adventures of Bob Hope was taken over by Super-Hip, a mod who was really Bob's nephew Tadwallader Jutefruce. In which issue did Bob discover Tad's secret?
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. In Fantastic Four #276 Reed and Sue in their assumed identities of Mr&Mrs Benjamin hosted a dinner party. All the party goers were classic comic strip characters. Which characters did John Byrne draw in there?
    3. Indy post 2000. Which two real life Food Network characters appear in the second issue of Fred Chao's Johnny Hiro?

    1. Issue #102
    2. Dagwood & Blondie Bumstead, Hi & Lois Flagston (renamed Hyram & Lois Flagstone), Joe & Ann (with recolored hair) Palooka, Jiggs, Leroy & Loretta Lockhorn, Henry Mitchell, Dick Tracy, Walt Wallet and Herb Woodley. (from the comicbookDB listing)
    3. Jeffrey Steingarten and Alton Brown.

    Murd answered 0 out of 3 but question 2 was tossed by the judges as being too vague in the number of characters needed for a correct answer.
    Not muddled.
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    BrianBaerBrianBaer Posts: 80
    Episode 1229: A Conversation with Mike Norton and Tim Seeley - Submitted by some awesome guy named Brian

    "Hiya, Geeks!
    In honor of the various comic book lawsuits happening lately, I’ve composed a few questions about superhero lawyers who aren’t Matt Murdock. Enjoy!"


    1. Marvel - Post 2000
    In Dan Slott’s criminally underrated She-Hulk series (2004), jade giantess Jen Walters lands her dream job - practicing Superhuman Law at the most prestigious law firm on the East Coast. What is the name of this firm?

    2. DC - 1970-2000
    In 1988, public defender Mark Shaw became the third human to be called Manhunter. When he discovered he was being used by the evil Manhunter androids to overthrow the Guardians, Shaw became a new hero. (And was then used by another super-villain. Poor guy.) What was Mark Shaw’s second costumed identity?

    3. Indie - pre-1970s
    1941’s Daredevil Comics#2 introduced Jeff Dixon, a young hotshot lawyer who just happened to be full-blooded Native American. When his father was accused of murder, Dixon was unable to get a fair trial from the bigoted jury, so he took matters into his own hands. As a crime-fighter, he was known by two names. One name was Real American. What was the other?

    1. Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway
    2. The Privateer
    3. The Bronze Terror

    1/3. Adam was not Muddled. Apparently, number two was a "softball".
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited July 2012
    Episode 1228 submitted by Will Watt

    1. Marvel pre 1970. In Amazing Spider-Man #30 "The Claws of the Cat" who does J.Jonah Jameson call to catch the titular villain?
    2. Indy 1970-2000. In the first appearance of Strontium Dog in Starlord #1 what device does Johnny Alpha use to bring a defeated bad guy (briefly) back to life?
    3. DC post 2000. (Vertigo) In Dave Gibbon's OGN The Originals what is the name of the leader of the rival Mod gang?

    1. Frederick Foswell
    2. Time Drogue
    3. A guy named Mitch

    Murd scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited May 2012
    Episode 1230 submitted by Ryan Jackson

    1. DC pre 1970. Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol featured the adversary Mr Nobody who first appeared under another name in 1964 as a prospective member of the Bortherhood of Evil. What was his original name in Doom Patrol #86?
    2. Indy 1970-2000. In a 1992 story called Vomit which two characters finished an alcoholic binge and bulimic food fight with a suggestion that they ingest their own vomit to get drunk again?
    3. In Giant Sized Hulk #1 The Hulk was partly eaten by alien cockroaches. How long did it take him to regenerate?

    1. Mr Mordern
    2. Milk and Cheese
    3. About 18 minutes

    Murd answered number 2 correctly. Not muddled!
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1231 submitted by Charles Albert

    1. DC pre 1970. As a side effect of time travel to a distant future Hal Jordan loses his memory in Green Lantern #8 and assumes the name Paul Manning. What year did he travel to?
    2. Indy 1970-2000. In Hellboy Seed of Destruction he is gifted the gun of which WW2 comic book hero?
    3. Marvel post 2000. In Ultimate Adventures #1 as part of the You Decide initiative what were the names of the Batman and Robin parodies?

    1. 5700 AD
    2. The Torch of Liberty
    3. Hawk owl and Woody

    Result 0 out of 3. Muddled!
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited June 2012
    Submitted by Brandon Karcher

    1 Pre 1970 DC. Name all of the Blackhawks as they appear in Military Comics #1
    2 1970-2000 Marvel. In What If #45 who was the only super-hero who did not physically engage the Hulk?
    3 post 2000 Indy. At the end of Irredeemable #7 what secret did Charybdis reveal to the Plutonian?

    1 Andre, Blackhawk, Chop-Chop, Chuck, Hendickson, Lady Blackhawk, Olaf, Stanislaus
    2 The Invisible Woman
    3 Now that his brother was dead Charybdis had twice the power.

    Murd scored 0 out of 3 although he did get 6 of the Blackhawks.
    However, question 1 was later tossed by Judge Jamie as only two identifiable Blackhawks appear in Military Comics #1. Also the question should have be classified as Independent. See the rules clarification below.
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited June 2012
    Episode 1236 - submitted by Chris Beckett

    1. Pre 1970 Indy. Archie Goodwin wrote all of the stories in the four issues of Blazing Combat apart from the story "Battle of Britain" in issue #3. Who wrote that story?
    2. 1970-2000 DC. In The Trial of the Flash who is impersonating the deceased Reverse Flash?
    3. Post 2000 Marvel. What is the name of the new villain that JMS created for his first story in The Amazing Spider-Man?

    1. Wally Wood
    2. Abra Kadabra
    3. Morlun.

    Murd answered 2 & 3 correctly. Not muddled!

    Episode 1237 - Submitted by Chris "Wild Pig" Eberle

    1. Pre 1970s DC. Name 5 of Bob Kane's ghost artists?
    2. 1970-2000 Marvel. Name 3 of the Vampire hunters (apart from Blade) who appeared in Tomb of Dracula?
    3. 2000s Ind. Name the lead character in Greg Rucka's Queen and Country?

    1. Dick Sprang, Sheldon Moldoff, Jerry Robinson, George Roussos, Charles Paris, Howard Sherman, Frank Springer (See full listing here)
    2. Hannibal King, Quincy Harker, Rachel Van Helsing, Frank Drake, Taj Nital. Listing here
    3. Tara Chase.

    Murd scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!
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    CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1242 - submitted by Rob Schafer

    1. Pre 1970s Marvel. In 1969 Marvel's horror anthology series Chamber of Darkness #1 featured stories by 3 different writers. Name them?
    2. 1970-2000 DC. After Crisis on Infinite Earths the Green Lantern title changed to Green Lantern Corps. Name the dead GL whose ring would not let him go?
    3. 2000a Indy. In Tom Beland's autobiographical True Story, Swear to God who is the musical artist that he and Lily Garcia go to see at Disneyland on the night they meet?

    1. Gary Freidrich, Stan Lee and Denny O'Neil
    2. Driq of Kriq
    3. Stevie Wonder
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    Episode 1242 - submitted by Rob Schafer

    1. Pre 1970s Marvel. In 1969 Marvel's horror anthology series Chamber of Darkness #1 featured stories by 3 different writers. Name them?
    2. 1970-2000 DC. After Crisis on Infinite Earths the Green Lantern title changed to Green Lantern Corps. Name the dead GL whose ring would not let him go?
    3. 2000a Indy. In Tom Beland's autobiographical True Story, Swear to God who is the musical artist that he and Lily Garcia go to see at Disneyland on the night they meet?

    1. Gary Freidrich, Stan Lee and Denny O'Neil
    2. Driq of Kriq
    3. Stevie Wonder
    "Murd scored 0 out of 3. Muddled!"

    (Has it happened so often that it now goes without saying? :( )
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