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  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Sorry, missed a bit.
    As discussed elsewhere he Judges need to be a bit stricter with the rules. Question 1 is three questions and you got one of them right.
    Likewise some of the single issues questions are a bit tough, and I say that with a guilty conscience about the questions at the top of this page.
  • warpangelwarpangel Posts: 62
    (Has it happened so often that it now goes without saying? )
    well like that old expression goes. Sometimes ya win, most times ya lose! :D

    To be fair, I struggle to get any of the questions asked right, in fact...the first one I DID get right was the Driq of Kriq question, I almost did a little happy dance at my desk at work! :D
  • bamfbamfbamfbamf Posts: 718
    i'm sad that my muddle has not been used yet... =(
  • Episode 1214 - submitted by Chris Beckett (whose fan pedigree Murd respects :D )

    #1: pre-1970/independent – Gil Kane tried to break away from mainstream superhero comics with two books that were precursors to today’s graphic novel. His first foray came in 1968 with the book His Name is … Savage. What actor did Kane base his main character on?

    Answer: Lee Marvin

    That's interesting. Kane had a penchant for modeling heroes after actors or other well-known celebrities. If I remember correctly, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) was based on Paul Newman and the Atom (Ray Palmer) was based on singer Paul Anka -- and the Atom's nemesis, Chronos, was based on Richard Nixon! I haven't thought about this in years -- I wonder how many other characters he worked on were based on real people.
  • BrianBaer said:

    Episode 1229: A Conversation with Mike Norton and Tim Seeley - Submitted by some awesome guy named Brian

    2. DC - 1970-2000
    In 1988, public defender Mark Shaw became the third human to be called Manhunter. When he discovered he was being used by the evil Manhunter androids to overthrow the Guardians, Shaw became a new hero. (And was then used by another super-villain. Poor guy.) What was Mark Shaw’s second costumed identity?

    2. The Privateer

    1/3. Adam was not Muddled. Apparently, number two was a "softball".

    I think I missed hearing this one on the podcasts, but I don't think that's technically correct. It's been a long time since I read this story (I wish they would 'trade' the Englehart JLA!), but I believe Shaw, the Privateer, was revealed to be the true Star-Tsar. (Snapper Carr was either a patsy or playing at undercover in the guise of Star-Tsar, I forget which.) Technically, that would make Star-Tsar his second identity, and the Privateer, his cover identity, his third costume.

  • fxmattfxmatt Posts: 78

    What happened to Muddle the Murd? I've missed a few episodes here and there but can't remember the last time I heard a Muddle segment.
  • fxmatt said:

    What happened to Muddle the Murd? I've missed a few episodes here and there but can't remember the last time I heard a Muddle segment.

    We haven't done a Muddle the Murd in a good long time--we got out of the habit while I was away for the summer and never got back into it after I returned. With our producer's blessing (hint hint, Pants), I'm hoping to revive the segment in the new year.

  • With our producer's blessing (hint hint, Pants), I'm hoping to revive the segment in the new year.

    Come on, Pants! Let's resume the Muddling!
  • PantsPants Posts: 556

    With our producer's blessing (hint hint, Pants), I'm hoping to revive the segment in the new year.

    Come on, Pants! Let's resume the Muddling!
    I mailed out one winner's prize yesterday and I'm in the process of getting some more mailed out right now. Once all the prizes that are owed are sent out we'll start Muddling again.
  • luke52luke52 Posts: 1,377
    Pants said:

    With our producer's blessing (hint hint, Pants), I'm hoping to revive the segment in the new year.

    Come on, Pants! Let's resume the Muddling!
    I mailed out one winner's prize yesterday and I'm in the process of getting some more mailed out right now. Once all the prizes that are owed are sent out we'll start Muddling again.
    Woo hoo!
  • fxmattfxmatt Posts: 78
    We live for the Muddles!
  • Pants said:

    Once all the prizes that are owed are sent out we'll start Muddling again.

    WAHOO!!! Muddle... Muddle... Muddle... Muddle!!!
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1342 at about 30 minutes in
    submitted by Steve Atkins

    1. Marvel post 2000. What mystical artefact did Brother Voodoo take possession of in New Avengers #53?
    2. DC 1970-2000. In order to confront this villain Dick Grayson had to become Nightwing. Which villain?
    3. Indy pre 1970. An omnipotent entity called the Eye debuted in issue 12 of a Centaur comic. Which comic?
    Bonus Q. The Eye, along with many other Centaur characters, was used by Malibu comics. What title did the Eye become a supporting character in?
    1. The Eye of Agamotto
    2. Deathstroke the Terminator (one-eyed)
    3. Keen Detective Funnies.
    Bonus. The Protectors

    Murd got 1,2 and the bonus questions right. Not muddled
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited September 2013
    Long time no post
    Episode 1418
    submitted by Derek Moore

    1. Indy post 2000. In Walking Dead #1 name the city or county where Rick Grimes and his family lived?
    2. Marvel 1970 2000. In X-Men chronicles #1 whose powers had Rogue absorbed in the Age of Apocalypse universe?
    3. DC pre 1970. In Superman #122 Jummy Olsen dreams that Superman is President. How does Superman solve the national debt crisis in the dream?

    1. Cynthiana in Grant county, Kentucky
    2. Polaris
    3. Superman finds a pirate wreck and puts all the pirate gold in Fort Knox.

    0 out of 3. Murd was muddled!
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1345
    John Britain

    1. Indy 1970-2000. Which character sports Murdoughnian mutton-chops in Alex Robinson's Box Office Poison?
    2. DC post 2000. According to post Infinite Crisis continuity why did Brainiac 5 invent the time bubble?
    3. Marvel pre 1970. In Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #10 Nick Fury suspects Santa Claus of saving New York from what in 1968?

    1. Sherman Davies
    2. To prove that Superman was real. Action Comics #858
    3. The Hate-monger's germ bomb.

    0 out of 3. Murd was muddled!
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited January 2014
    Episode 1447 by Michael Block
    1. Indy post 2000. In Kieron Gillen's Uber what are the Nazi's three super powered battleships names.
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. Who came up with the name Archangel for Warren Worthington in X-Factor vo1 1 #38?
    3. DC pre 1970. In the Legion of Super Heroes first appearance Superboy had to compete against the Leagues' founders in what three contests?

    1. Sigmund, Siegfried and Siegland
    2. Hank McCoy
    3. Raise a sunken statue (Saturn Girl), stop a forest fire (Cosmic Boy), and first to get word to Nova Express that they had a fuel leak (Lightning Lad).

    Result 0 out of 3: muddled
  • CGS Presents: Comic Timing 150 by Ian Levenstein

    1) DC - Pre-1970: Julie Schwartz and John Broome co-created the cosmic hero known as Captain Comet for DC Comics in issue 9 of the sci-fi title "Strange Adventures." Captain Comet then went on to star in the book for quite some time. How many issues of "Strange Adventures" starred Captain Comet?

    ANSWER: 38. Captain Comet headlined all the way from issue 9 until issue 44, and then returned for issues 46 and 49, Comet's final issue.

    2) Marvel - Post 1970-2000: During Peter David's groundbreaking run on "The Incredible Hulk," one of the most prevalent supporting characters was Rick Jones' love interest (and eventual wife), Marlo Chandler. In issue 391, Marlo is stabbed by a woman claiming to be Rick's biological mother. What is the name of this woman?

    ANSWER: Jackie Shorr. It was later revealed that Jackie has no relation to Rick, but she did work as a daycare worker at one of the orphanages Rick grew up in. She is VERY mentally unstable and has killed multiple people, including a few during Peter David's "Captain Marvel" series which starred Rick.

    3) Independent - 2000-now: In Image Comic's CHEW, by John Layman and Rob Guillory, Tony Chew is a FDA agent who is "gifted" from birth with the power of a Cibopath, someone who can gain the memories of whatever he eats. His twin sister, Antonelle "Toni" Chew is a NASA agent that is also "blessed" with food powers. What is her ability?

    ANSWER: Toni is Cibovoyant - she can see into the future of any living organism she takes a bite out of.

    0 out of 3 answered correctly. Murd got Muddled! By me! HA! :D
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited February 2014
    submitted by Andrew Spencer
    1. DC pre 1970. Which DC employees appeared in Doom Patrol #121?
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. Which member of Generation X first manifested their power in X-Force #32?
    3. Indy. Post 2000. What is Antonelle Chu's psychic ability in Chew?

    1. Murray Boltinoff and Bruno Premiani
    2. Husk
    3. Cibovoyance. See above

    Murd answered 2 and 3 correctly. Not muddled
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1464
    Submitted by Eamonn (me) Clarke

    1. Pre 1970 DC. Which frightful member of Batman's rogues gallery first appeared in World's finest comics issue 3 all the way back in 1941?
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. Which super-hero joined the technology start up company Circuits Maximus in 1984?
    3. Indy post 2000. Which character dominated the Alex Ross cover of the Image comics one shot Battle of the Planets and Thundercats comic from 2003?

    1. Scarecrow
    2. Iron Man or plain old Tinman Tony Stark as he was then.
    3. The not so cowardly Lion-O

    Murd scored 3 out of 3. A sweep!
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    And Deceiving the D in 1464 as well.

    Doctor Who Deceive the D
    1. Pre 1970. Which actor who would go on to be a regular on the show during the 1970s first appeared as a different character in the Daleks' Master Plan in 1965?
    2. 1970-2000. Sarah Jane Smith is everybody's favourite companion from this era. What was her occupation before she joined the doctor on his travels?
    3. Post 2000. And which two companions of the tenth doctor met for the first time in the parallel universe story Turn Left?

    1 Nicholas Courtney played security agent Bret Vyon in 1965 before going on to play Brigadier Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart throughout the seventies.
    2. She was a journalist
    3. Rose Tyler and Donna Noble

    Jamie scored 2.5 out of 3. He couldn't quite remember Nick Courtney's last name.
    Definitely and decisively not deceived.
  • Caliban said:

    Circuits Maximus

    That name is just genius.

  • bamfbamfbamfbamf Posts: 718
    does anyone know what e-mail address i'm supposed to send muddle the murds to?

    mine has not been used... and it's been over 3 years... =(
  • What is Dr Doom's father's name? Werner Von Doom.
    In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures series by Archie, what was the name of Ray Fillet's sea-creature friend? Gubbla.
    How many issues did the 5th series of Doom Patrol run for? 22.

    These were my questions read out on episode 1464

  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1466
    Submitted by Matthew B Greer
    1. Marvel 1970-2000 What issue of ASM did Venom first appear in?
    Issue 300 or maybe 299
    2. Other 2000s Spawn 154 was the first appearance of Zera. What celestial group is Zera leader of?
    3. DC pre 1970. What group is the villainous Blue Snowman part of?
    Villainy inc
    Murd answered 1&3 correct - not muddled

    Deceive the D
    Submitted by Will Watt
    1. In Twin Peaks what is the name of the character Agent Cooper addresses on his dictaphone?
    Bonus Q which film director and musician directed several episodes of Twin Peaks?
    David Lynch
    2. In the TV series The Untouchables who played Elliot Ness?
    Robert Stack
    Bonus Q Who directed the film version?
    Brian de Palma
    3. In the Sopranos who plays Christopher Moltisanti, Tony's young protege?
    Michael Imperioli
    Bonus Q Who did he play in Good Fellas?
    Spider, the guy who Joe Pesci shoots in the foot.
    D answered 4 out of 6 correct - not deceived
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    edited March 2014
    Episode 1467
    Submitted by Gordon Tolton
    1. DC What Earth 1 character was the first to make the jump to appear in the Shazam world of Earth-S?
    2.Marvel. Who is the sixth Champion?
    3. Indy. In the post apocalyptic world of Eclipse comics’ Scout what iconic building was adapted to form the new White House?

    1. Lex Luthor
    2. Darkstar.
    3. The Astrodome

    Murd got the first question right. Not Muddled.

    Deceive the D
    Submitted by Maarten Bouw
    1. What was the name of the M.A.S.H. spin-off series that lasted one and a half series?
    2. In Family Ties did Alex’s friend Skippy die?
    3. In FamilY Matters what was the name of Steve Urkel’s cool alter-ego?

    1. After MASH
    2. No
    3. Stefan Urquelle

    Jamie answered 1 and 2 correctly. Not deceived
  • Caliban, those Deceive the D questions were sent in by myself. Not that it matters but my name is spelt Maarten Bouw. Thanks for posting the questions and answers.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    @HannibalKing‌ thanks. Updated
  • i_am_scifii_am_scifi Posts: 592
    edited March 2014
    Episode 1469
    Muddle The Murd

    Submitted by Nathan Anderson

    1. Pre 1970's DC: In the Spring of 1943 the cover of World's Finest #9 includes the three Axis Powers leader's heads poking through a sheet that says, "Knock Out the Axis With Bonds & Stamps." One of which being Hitler, there are baseballs being thrown at the heads of the leaders. Which hero is throwing the baseball at Hitler?

    ANSWER: Robin

    2. 1970-2000 MARVEL: The "What The--?!" series was Marvel's series that parodied their own Universe which introduced one of my personal favorite characters, "Spider-Ham." In October 1990, Issue 9 (HINT: It was parodying Wolverine who is known as "Wolvie" in the comics), intros us to a team that has sadly never been heard from again. Can you name this team?

    ANSWER: The Obscurity Legion ( @JamieD‌ said "The Obscurity League" but the Marvel Wiki has Legion. Either way, @Adam_Murdough‌ got this one wrong)

    BONUS: Name the members and who they were a parody of?

    ANSWER: Al Eagle (El Aguila), American Gull (American Eagle), Surefire (Sunfire), Pal-o'mine (Paladin), Zorbra (Sabra), Over-Mime (Overmind), Captain Neato (nobody, a new character)

    3. 2000s-Now Indie: In the Warriors manga series, who did the Thundeclan Warrior Graystripe fall in love with?

    ANSWER: Silverstream (had to look that one up myself!)

    4. BONUS QUESTION (in case Manga wasn't allowed, which it is): In the series "Hoax Hunters" from FBI Agent Jack, formerly dead psychic scientist Ken and victim of demonic possessions in her childhood, Regan, are joined by a haunted astronaut, Murder. Murder is haunted by a specific animal. What is that animal?

    ANSWER: Crow

    Murd got the first question out of four and a half right, avoiding the Muddle!

    Deceive the D!

    Submitted by Ian Levenstein (Seriously, what is up with that guy???)

    OLD TV
    1. On "I Love Lucy," Lucy's upstairs neighbor was an older woman who started off hating the crying and carrying-on of Little Ricky, but soon grew to appreciate the kid and even babysitted from time to time! What was the name of this neighbor?

    ANSWER: Matilda Trumbull. Played by Elizabeth Patterson, the actress appeared in ten episode of "I Love Lucy" in her recurring role.

    2. One of television sitcom's favorite tricks is "The Disappearing Family Member." One minute they're there, the next...POOF! Gone without a trace! Just like poor Chuck Cunninghman. On "Boys Meets World," this happened to Cory Matthews' younger sister, Morgan, in the beginning of Season 3 of the show. In what season did Morgan return to the show?

    ANSWER: Season 4. Not only did "Boy Meets World" hang a lampshade on her disappearance, "That was the longest time out I've ever had!" but Morgan was now played by a completely different actress than she was before!

    3. "How I Met Your Mother" is a series that is known for its recurring gags. In Season 2, Barney is given a new nickname when a Barista writes his name wrong on a coffee cup. What was the name he received?

    ANSWER: Swarley. The gang continued to call him Swarley whenever they felt like it for the rest of the show's life. I'll miss ya, "How I Met Your Mother!"

    Jamie didn't get any answers correct, leaving him completely deceived by my devilish TV questions! :D
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,358
    Episode 1468 Jeremy Bement from Doctor Who: Panel to Panel
    1. Indy pre 1970. In Doctor Who meets the frog people from TV Comic #728-731 the first Doctor and his grandchildren John and Jillian meet what fictional character?
    The Ancient Mariner
    2. Marvel 1970-2000. In the Fifth Doctor story The Tides of Time in the US Doctor Who comic #15-18 what monster takes control of the event synthesizer, a cosmic organ?
    3. DC post 2000. What Alan Moore plotted story, written by his daughter featured characters inspired by classic British comics of the 50s and 60s?

    Murd answered number 3 correct. No Muddle

    Deceive the D submitted by Rich Laconie
    1. Name the two sitcoms from late 80s and early 90s in which the families share the surname Tanner?
    Full House and Alf
    2. Name both actors who played "Faceman" Templeton Peck in the A-Team?
    Dirk Benedict and Tim Dunigan (in the pilot episode)
    3. On Boy Meets World which pro wrestler played Frankie's dad?
    Leon White aka Big Van Vader

    Jamie got half of each of the first two questions right but no complete answers so deceived.
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